Why I Write: A Flashback Post

This is a flashback post about why I write that I did nearly 2 years ago for a reader blog, as I was just about to embark on indie publishing The Other Duke! Why I Do This is still the same really. Writing is the heart of me and it’s fun to see what I was thinking on the cusp of what has become the greatest adventure of my life:

homertownshipToday I thought I’d talk about why I do this job. I don’t really remember a time when I didn’t write. I have boxes of stories at my parents’ house in Idaho that I wrote in elementary school. I even once said I wanted to be a writer in one of those “when I grow up” essays you’re required to write through school. But I never thought I would actually do it. I didn’t think you did arty things for a living, you had to have a back-up.

My back-up was psychology. I was going to be a marriage and family therapist. Funny thing happened on the way to a masters degree in family counseling… I realized my empathy, which is awesome as a writer (and hopefully as a human),  was not that good as far as a counselor was concerned. I brought home other people’s pain, I didn’t have the ability to turn that off at night. So it turned out I wouldn’t be a good therapist.

BUT I had started working on a book I wrote during college at night and I was in love. My husband pointed this discrepancy out and suddenly, BAM. I was not going to go back to school, I was going to be a romance novelist. And that’s what I did.

So why, even after fifteen years of being a writer full-time and a published author for ten? Because I’m still in love with telling stories, first to myself and also for my readers. I love that connection that I make with someone who reads my book and is moved by my stories. I also love the freedom that my job has given me. I’m very lucky to be able to support myself and my family through my books, which means that I make my own schedule, I am able to hang out with my best friend (and husband) any time I want. We travel the world thanks to books and those who buy them.

The world of publishing is often a high wire act, but in the end I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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