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So if you’ve visited the Jenna Petersen site today, you’ve probably noticed that our conversion is complete! We’ve moved everything for Jess Michaels over to this site and the Jenna Petersen site is now focused entirely on the Jenna Petersen books. I know many of you are fans of both names (thanks), but this is probably the best place to come on a regular basis, at least for now. At present, though we are actively working toward getting some new Jenna-type books published, there are none contracted or scheduled. So I won’t be updating the Jenna site until there is news to share about a new contract/book in the release works (and I’ll share it here, too).

Why does this happen in an author’s career? Well, it’s all about shifting markets. For a long time, I didn’t think there was a place for Jess (boy was everyone wrong about that), right now there just isn’t an offer yet for Jenna books. As a working author, I go where the contracts go and where the “buying food and stuff” future goes. And I’m good with that. I love Jess, I’m happy to be writing books under that name again.

And when Jenna does come roaring back with some fabulous new release? Well, we’ll do an awesome site redesign for her, too and re-launch her. And because my readers are awesome, I know they’ll come along for the ride.

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