What a Strange and Wonderful Thing is Life

The past few weeks have been wonderful and odd for me. Not only did my husband and I go on our cruise, but when we came back my first book in my Mistress Matchmaker Series, An Introduction to Pleasure, went free for two weeks on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony and Apple (I don’t know why not Kobo).

If you didn’t know about the promo, I have no idea how! LOL I sent out a newsletter, tweeted multiple times a day and Facebooked regularly about it. But it’s over now. It was a promotion set up by my publisher, Samhain Publishing.

So the first day of the promotion I said to my husband, “Wouldn’t it be cool if the book went into the Top 100 Free?” Then I promptly managed to hack my hand with a knife while in a battle with an avocado and 6 stitches later we ended up back at the house. By then, the book was ranked #194. Pretty good. And then it went under 100. And then under 50. 20.

It eventually settled as the #3 most downloaded free book on Amazon. Overall. It was the #1 Historical Romance and the #1 Romance. For the next two weeks, it sat pretty consistently in the Top 20, bobbing up and out occasionally and down and lower regularly. It increased the sales of the other two books in the series For Desire Alone and Her Perfect Match, both of which were in the Top 100 bestselling historical romances as of my writing of this blog. UPDATE: An Introduction to Pleasure is back down in there too! What????

Writing is a crazy business and you never know when things are going to work, when they’re going to flop and when something kind of unexpected is going to happen. So the last two weeks have been super fun. If you downloaded An Introduction to Pleasure, I certainly hope you liked it and will try some of my other books.

In the meantime, I think I’ll take a nap because in just a couple of weeks I have to ride this roller coaster again when Taken By the Duke hits stores on July 2!!

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