The Trouble With Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston

Let’s talk about Tom Hiddleston. Anyone who knows me (including my poor beleaguered husband) knows that I have a major Jones for this guy. I haven’t actually written a Hiddleston hero yet (though I did a Cumberbatch one) but there’s just something about him.

Maybe it’s the wickedness. See that expression on the left? That knowing little winky stare that probably means you’re in big trouble? That’s pretty much cat nip for me. So often bad guys in romance (including some of my own) are just…bad. But the best stories have a bad guy who you root for.  Or at least understand. There’s a delicate balance on how to play that kind of villain. He manages it perfectly.

Tom HiddlestonIt’s also speaks to the intelligence that is very appealing to him as an actor and in the characters he plays. Loki, my favorite character he plays, is smart. He uses it to manipulate (along with his trickster powers) but he also is someone other characters can talk to. In Thor: The Dark World, he makes a bargain that he (mostly) keeps with his brother. Smart since it gets him where he wants to go. As a person, this intelligence also connects (at least to me). I’ve heard the man speak about women’s rights, reading, social justice and he comes across as well-educated and kind.

So the trouble with Tom Hiddleston is that there not much trouble at all. So I guess it might be time to write a Hiddleston hero. What do you think? And do you have an actor/set of characters who speak to you that way?

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