Their Countess

Their Countess by Jess Michaels

Book 3 of Theirs 
Once a courtesan known as The Countess, now Zara Cooper is a thief, alongside her partner and lover, Peregrine “Hux” Huxley. But when they’re caught at their games by handsome and mysterious Richard Fitzroy, a little bit of blackmail quickly turns to enormous pleasure.

After watching Hux and Zara together, Richard is drawn to them in a way he’s not felt for a long time. When he offers an indecent proposal for pleasure with them both, in exchange for his silence on their crimes, they fall into a passion so powerful it overtakes them all.

Hux has protected Zara for years, her lover and hero. But when their criminal past comes back to disrupt their pleasurable fantasy, it will be up to him to decide if he will trust his two lovers to protect him or surrender himself for their benefit.

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Book 1, Theirs: Their Marchioness
Book 2, Theirs: Their Duchess