The Joy of Projects

About a month ago, I wrote a blog about ideas and today I’m talking about a different kind of idea blog, which is about the joy of projects. If you look at my upcoming publishing schedule I have 26 books coming up through the end of 2019. The rest of the Seasons books, the MM novella featuring character from the Wicked Woodley series, the 1783 Club series (more on that coming when we get closer to the end of Seasons) and then a REALLY fun novella series that will happen EVERY MONTH in 2019 (yup, 12 books, 12 months).

Sometimes when people see that schedule and the amount of writing that makes it happen, I hear questions. Why plan so far out, why work so hard? The answer isn’t very complicated. I like writing, I have a lot of ideas and I support my family entirely through my books, so more books equals more income. The end result is kind of a no brainer: know what I need to get done, schedule myself accordingly and look forward to everything about to come.

There’s a bit of a fairytale out there that writers just sit down and their muse takes over and they meander their way through a story with no thought to planning or scheduling or, you know, putting food on the table. But I take my job very seriously. I take my promise to my readers to put out books that they’ll love very seriously. And that requires treating it like my job as well as my calling.

Writing is a joyful thing to me! I can’t wait to share what’s coming up with all of you for the next few years.

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