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I’ve been writing a long time. I started writing in 1999 and sold my first piece of fiction in 2003 (one of my Red Sage books). In 2004, I sold my first full-length novel to Avon (under my Jenna Petersen name) and my career reallly took off. But after a certain number of books, you lose track of where you are in the world and as I was writing blogs for my upcoming release of TAKEN BY THE DUKE, I started a list of all my work under all my names.

Even I was slightly shocked about how far I had come since 2003 when I got my first “Call”. So here you go, my entire catalog of work:

  1. Secrets, Volume 11 (Jess Michaels 1)
  2. Secrets, Volume 12 (Jess 2)
  3. Scandalous (Jenna Petersen 1)
  4. From London With Love (Jenna 2)
  5. Parlor Games (Jess 3)
  6. Desire Never Dies (Jenna 3)
  7. Everything Forbidden (Jess 4)
  8. Seduction is Forever (Jenna 4)
  9. Lessons From A Courtesan (Jenna 5)
  10. Something Reckless (Jess 5)
  11. A Red Hot Valentine’s Day (Jess 6)
  12. Her Notorious Viscount (Jenna 6)
  13. Taboo (Jess 7)
  14. The Lover Hunt (Jess 8) – short story
  15. Just One Taste (Jess 9) – short story
  16. Another Door (Jess 10) – short story
  17. What the Duke Desires (Jenna 7)
  18. Nothing Denied (Jess 11)
  19. The Unclaimed Duchess (Jenna 8)
  20. Married With Zombies (Jesse Petersen 1)
  21. Flip This Zombie (Jesse 2)
  22. Seven Nights (Jess 12)
  23. Rogue For a Night (Jenna 9)
  24. Almost a Spinster (Jenna 10)
  25. Undeniable (Jenna 11)
  26. Shambling With the Stars (Jesse 3) – short story
  27. Eat Slay Love (Jesse 4)
  28. In the Dead, Volume 1 (Jesse 5)
  29. A Scoundrel’s Surrender (Jenna 12)
  30. The Secrets of a Lady (Jenna 13)
  31. The Temptation of a Gentleman (Jenna 14)
  32. The Desires of a Countess (Jenna 15)
  33. Watching Tessa (Jess 13)
  34. An Introduction to Pleasure (Jess 14)
  35. For Desire Alone (Jess 15)
  36. The Zombie Whisperer (Jesse 6)
  37. Her Perfect Match (Jess 16)
  38. Club Monstrosity (Jesse 7)
  39. Taken By the Duke (Jess 17) – out July 2
  40. The Monsters In Your Neighborhood (Jesse 8) – out July 29
  41. Pleasuring the Lady (Jess 18) – no pre-order up yet (out November 19)
  42. Beauty and the Earl (Jess 19) – no pre-order up yet (out April 15, 2014)

Kind of crazy, right? And I’ve also just sent a proposal for three more books to Samhain, which means if they say yes, I’ll be at 45 novels, novellas and short stories that are either published or contracted for publication.

It’s been a long, crazy journey. But we’re here and I’m so glad we are!

So out of curiosity, how many of the ginormous catalog of my work have you read? Any favorites of the bunch?

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