The Birth of a Book

The whole process of how books get sold (at least my books) is kind of fun. So first, I have an idea. That’s kind of a “duh” thing. Most of the time, the ideas just come from something I’m interested in writing, once in a while, my editor might say “hey, I kind of want to read a marriage of convenience story” and that sends my mind reeling of how I could do that in a new(ish) way.

So once I have that idea, I have to write a proposal. At this point what that means is I write a paragraph with a detailed sort of back-copyish description of the book. For some authors and some publishing houses, it means writing a synopsis. If you’re writing for a publisher, it will just depend. I do end up writing a synopsis because it gives me a roadmap for writing the book.

Once my editor agrees to contract the book then it all comes down to scheduling. So in late May/early June of this year, I submitted two new series to Samhain to be published in the next couple of years. Luckily, they want them, so my release schedule is looking pretty full!

July 2: Taken By the Duke (The Pleasure Wars Book 1)
November 19: Pleasuring the Lady (The Pleasure Wars Book 2)

April 15: Beauty and the Earl (The Pleasure Wars Book 3)
July (Date TBD): A Matter of Sin (Ladies Book of Pleasures 1)
September/October (Date TBD): A Moment of Passion (Ladies Book of Pleasures 2)
November/December (Date TBD): A Measure of Deceit (Ladies Book of Pleasures 3)

February (Date TBD): The Other Duke (The Notorious Flynns 1)
May (Date TBD): The Widow’s Wager (The Notorious Flynns 2)
August (Date TBD): The Scoundrel’s Lady (The Notorious Flynns 3)

I would assume there will be another book in 2015, too, to start another series. I just haven’t pitched it yet. 🙂 I do have to say, I’m so excited about the books I’m writing (just started Beauty and the Earl) and the books I’m about to write, I definitely have enough to keep me very busy for a while. I just hope all of you will want to keep reading.

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