Sometimes Status Saturday: December 7

It’s December and technically I’m kind of supposed to be on a break. But I’ve been plotting my next book, which I’ll start writing in January and going through an intensive review of my platform in preparation for that “Big Year” I’ve been talking about. Also Christmas shopping!

Work In Progress News: Plotting A Moment of Passion which is the second book in my next series, The Ladies Book of Pleasure. I also have a paperback galley to go through for Taken By the Duke (which will be out next July).

Favorite Song of the Week: Wake Me Up by Avicii:


Backlist/Release News: The paperback of For Desire Alone is out now! And obviously Pleasuring the Lady is also still available.

What I’m Reading: I’ve been reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. Although I don’t work in a traditional office setting, there is always a struggle for success in any industry. I find myself relating quite a bit to a lot of what she talks about.

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