Sometimes Saturday September 5

This will be my last Status Saturday. It turns out blogging kind of sucks out my creative energy, so I won’t be doing it as regularly. Look for the occasional feature about what I’m up to or releases. And the website will most definitely still be updated with my most recent info!

Work In Progress News: I’m very, very close to finishing TEMPTED (The Wicked Woodleys 3) and I finished up with the short stories that will be in the Lady Waverly’s Lovers collection in November. These are historical erotica, not romance, so prepare for some very, very sexy stories that aren’t necessarily about finding a “happy ending” in the romance sense (though maybe in the dirty sense).

Favorite Song of the Week: It kind of sucks that I love this song so much.

Backlist/Release News: The next release is A Christmas Kiss, which was originally featured in the Wanton Christmas Wishes collection last year. We’re going to try to get it to go free (if Amazon cooperates) so look for that coming in a couple of weeks!

What I’m Reading: Eh, nothing. So swamped. I’ll be done with this book soon though and I’m looking forward to a reading break!

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