Originally published as three separate novellas from Venus Press. Now Available in one volume:

Wager of Sin: Scandalous widow Bianca Clairmonte has spent the last year of her life running through a string of lovers and losing at card games in the hells to her late husband’s best friend, Lucius “Hawk” Hawkins. But when her loving, but disapproving father threatens to have her declared unfit to force her home and back into a staid existence, she realizes she’ll need her lost fortune back to flee the country. She proposes a wager to Hawk. Spend a month in her bed and if he ends up begging for more, she wins her money back. But Hawk wants more than a month, and he’ll take Bianca to her breaking point in order to win her love, as well as her body.

The Sweetest Sin: When their secret marriage was illegally annulled five years before, Landon Hawkins swore he would never love again and that he would never forgive Juliana Russell for her utter betrayal.  But now she has turned to him, requesting that he help her recover her missing sister and the lust and pain he has hidden all this time come rushing back. He strikes a dangerous bargain with her. he’ll search for her sister during the day, but at night Juliana belongs to him in every way. But Landon may not be able to purge his desire for Juliana as easily as he thinks. Not when the fire of the love they once shared begins to be rekindled with every touch.

Sin’s Mistress: Raphael Sinclair is the most debauched of rakes and rogues. When he wants something he takes it, whether it be revenge or a woman. And now he wants both. Evelyn Greville’s father is Sin’s worst enemy. And what better way to purge a stunning desire for the innocent miss and ruin her father than to have her in every wicked way his clever mind can imagine. But Evelyn is not as innocent as she seems… and he may be the one conquered by Sin’s Mistress.

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