Sin Revisited! And on SALE (for a limited time).

Back in the beginning of time (okay, probably 2006), I wrote three very, very sexy novellas that I sold to a tiny press called Venus. Eventually, Venus folded and the paperbacks of those novellas started being sold on BN and Amazon for a ridiculous amount (hundreds of dollars). So in 2009, I self-published the books as a novella collection called SIN. Since then I haven’t touched the collection, but recently we’ve decided to do some changes and there are some very exciting developments:

Development 1: The book has a new cover! It used to be a rose in a vase, but now it more reflects the VERY sexy stories inside:

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Development 2: The book is now available as a paperback! A lot of you ask for this from my self-published books and we’re working on it as we can! This is the first of those releases to get the treatment. We created the book through CreateSpace, though, which means it’s only available on Amazon at this point.

Development 3: The eBook is on sale!! We’ve dropped the price to just 99 cents for a limited time! With the three stories together, it’s a full-length book, in fact quite a long book, so it’s a great deal that won’t last for long! So grab your copy today!!

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