Relay For Life Raffle Round-Up

Well, it’s Tuesday morning and that means the Relay Raffle is closed and all the winners have been chosen. Thank you all for putting up with this topic dominating my Facebook and Twitter feeds for a week. The Oro Valley Relay For Life and American Cancer Society have become very special to me in the last six months and I am so proud to be a part of both.

So how did we pick the winners? Well, each ticket was assigned a number in each prize category. Then we used to choose the winning number. No peeking required.

But without further ado, here are the stats for the Raffle, in case you were wondering:

Funds raised via raffle: $1075 Total funds raised by me (I started with $345 after donating my Christmas to Relay in 2012): $1420


Miriam Kriss Critique: Tamara Y.

Adam Wilson Critique: Melissa H.

Devi Pillai Critique: Theresa S.

Amy Sherwood Critique: Tamara Y. (a very lucky woman who choose wisely where to put a TON of tickets)

Jesse/Jess Critique: Mary Jo L.

Tucson/Phoenix Dinner or Lunch for 6 With Jesse/Jess: Amy B.

Skype With Jesse/Jess: No tickets purchased, no winner.

Naming Rights for character in next Jesse/Jess project: Jennifer E.

Cynthia Garner Prize Pack: Blanche N.

Zombie Prize Pack: Vicky L.

Jess Michaels Prize Pack: Fedora C.

Necklace designed by Jesse/Jess: Terry F.

Dave and Sarah Cure Necklace: Lorraine C.

Item that raised the most money (sold most tickets): Zombie Prize Pack Item that raised the least money: Skype with me at 0 tickets sold Item that had the most number of people buy tickets: Zombie Prize Pack with Naming Rights and Miriam Kriss Critique close behind.

If you think you are one of the lucky ones above, check your email and look for a message from me.

Thank you again to everyone for their generous donations, wonderful emails and support. With your help, I’ve exceeded my goals and we’ve all come closer to finishing the fight against cancer! And now we return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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