Question Wednesday: Why Indie?

Every week I answer a question from a reader or writer here on my blog. You can add a question to the queue by putting it in the comments on any blog. This week’s question is from a bunch of people :

You’ve been talking a lot lately about going indie in 2015. Why are you making that shift?

I have been in this business for 15 years. Yup, you read that right. 15 years. 10 of those published (my ten year publishing anniversary is December 1) so I’ve been through a lot of changes as an author. When I started, the only way to get financial and sales success was through traditional publishing. And that’s the route I took, writing for HarperCollins, Hachette and Pocket over the years.

But I also worked with smaller publishers like Samhain to great financial success as the climate in publishing began to change. And before you ask, yes I have traveled the indie road before.

So what makes me want to go back? A few things:

1. I’m tired of putting my life into someone else’s hands. I write full-time, this is my job, it is how I pay 100% of my bills. And yet for the past ten+ years, someone else has always had the power to make the decisions on when and where and how often I would publish, as well as pricing. I want to be able to write 6 books a year and have sales when it makes sense and utilize all my resources to the fullest without having to beg for help. And indie publishing is the best route for that. I may (and probably will) make mistakes. But they’ll be my mistakes.

2. I want to be able to offer my readers more for less! One thing that frustrates me to no end is when I see my eBooks from 7 years ago being offered for $9.99. It’s ludicrous! But my books via publishers are priced by the publisher. In fact, I’m not even informed by some of them when the books are on sale, so I can’t even share that information with you. With indie publishing, I will get to price my books at a reasonable rate for my readers. So no more $15 eBooks (paperbacks will probably stay around that higher price point due to production costs).

Oh and speaking of paperbacks, in the last few years, my books have been staggered, with the eBooks coming out first and then the paperbacks not coming out until a year later. I’ve never understood this concept since I know many of you are still reading in paper and don’t want to have to wait. Well, you don’t have to now. Paperbacks and eBooks will start coming out at the same time with my January release, THE OTHER DUKE.

3. I want to GET more for less! The final reason I have for making the switch is a financial one. I get such a small percentage of the money each book makes, but I do a lot of the promotion, all the writing, etc. When I go indie starting in January, I will get 70% of the profits for most eBooks. That means more financial security for my family and a higher rate of pay for the hours I spend working on the stories I hope you’ll love.

But one thing before I go. Once I go indie, I don’t know that we’ll be doing pre-order. Which means the very BEST way to know when a book comes out is My Newsletter. Please join it. I promise you I don’t SPAM and that way you won’t miss a thing.

I hope you’ll take this next journey with me. It’s a leap of faith and I hope it’s going to be the right move.

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