Question Wednesday: Emotions

Every week I answer a question from a reader or writer here on my blog. You can add a  question to the queue by putting it in the comments on any blog. This week’s question is:

Do you have a scene in one of your books that has made you laugh or cry?

Beauty and the Earl by Jess MichaelsI tend to snort rather than laugh when writing something sarcastic or funny in a book. As you all know, my books are rather dark, so I don’t write a lot “laugh out loud” moments. I have cried while writing. At the end of the The Pleasure Wars series in Beauty and the Earl when Ava and Liam finally talk out their issues after three books of so much pain, yeah, I totally cried.

I will say I get so very wrapped up in my stories as I’m writing. I lose track of time on a regular basis and I find myself smiling or frowning or getting angry right along with my characters.

How about you guys? Any of my books made you laugh or cry? Or anyone else’s?

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