Question Wednesday: Celebraaaaaaate!!!!

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This week’s question is from April Renn:

What do you do to celebrate a release?

Beauty and the Earl by Jess MichaelsThis is a very timely question, as today is the release day for Beauty and the Earl!! Shocking, I know. You haven’t been hearing about this for months now, have you? Well, sorry, it’s just such a very exciting thing for me to have yet another book out (number 42, to be exact).

How I celebrate us probably going to make you both happy and sad. First, like I said, when I have a book out, it’s very exciting, but it’s also very, very stressful. I spend most of two or three days around the release online trying to promote the book and answer questions and deal with any issues that crop up. I have so many things to update and check on and tend to that by the end of the release day, I am exhausted emotionally. So pretty much the only release day celebration I can muster is going out to dinner with my husband. Oh and I check my phone 8,000 times during that dinner in order to see where the book ranking stands. Sorry honey.

But once those first few days are over and my heart rate starts to go back to normal, I do try to do something special for myself. For example, when Pleasuring the Lady came out in November, I bought this necklace for myself:


I really love it and wear it all the time. This time I’ll probably do something similar that will be something to remind me of the accomplishment.

I’ve also gotten tattoos in the past to commemorate books. My first tattoo was for my novella in Secrets, Volume 11, which was set in Egypt. I got an ankh with a rose. For my 10th book release, I got a rose on the back of my neck. I wouldn’t rule out another tattoo for 50 or perhaps 100.

Really it’s all about doing something that is meaningful to me and takes stress away rather than adds it during a somewhat stressful time.

How do you celebrate big moments?

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