Push It. Push It Real Good.

This past week I’ve been talking a lot about something I’ve been doing called a “push week”. I thought today might be a good time to talk about what that means. I write quickly and I want to be able to put out my books that are indie published this year rapidly both for you guys and for myself. I already write about 60 pages a week but once a book I always try to do a push week.

But what is that? Well, it’s a week where I try to significantly increase my output. This past week I gave myself a goal of 100 pages. What that means is that instead of writing about 12 pages a day, 5 days a week, my plan was to write about 15 pages a day, 7 days last week. I ended up¬†writing much longer most days, so I finished early.

To prepare for it, I made sure I cleared my calendar of most meetings and activities and I handed off some of the daily household duties that are on my list to my husband. Essentially, I put everything else I could aside and focused as much as I could on writing.

Doing it gives me a boost in both output and drags me deeper into the story. And while it can be really exhausting, it’s always been successful for me. Plus, it makes the next week feel soooooo easy. Yeah, I’m just going to write 60 pages now. No big!

So for you writers, do you ever do something to push yourself a little extra when you write?

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