Ohio! It’s for professionals.

The past few weeks have been really crazy and sad and scary and good for me professionally. This culminated for me this week when Killer Book Marketing and I made our way to Cincinnati, Ohio, home of Samhain Publishing.

So if you’re not aware, Samhain is the publisher of all my current Jess Michaels erotic historical romance releases. And I went there to have what we termed “Summit”. What this means is that I wanted to have sit down face-to-face conversation about what we’re doing, what my goals are and where we’re all going together as a publishing team.

It was awesome, I got to meet and get to know a lot of wonderful people, including my fabulous editor, Amy Sherwood.

So why did I go to Ohio rather than just do a Skype call or wait until a conference to meet with people? Well, I learned something through my career of almost ten years being published: when you go to a conference, yes you can meet your editor and talk, but it’s very short-lived, probably no more than an hour and it’s in the middle of a LOT of conference chaos. But if you go to their headquarters you can really have a long and in-depth conversation about what you want and where you’re going. Plus, you will probably have a chance to at least meet and hopefully chat with other people in the organization (publicity/marketing/executive editors/art departments/etc).

When my publishers were in New York, I tried to go at least every other year to take meetings and I really felt it was helpful, even in just letting them know who I was in the faceless swath of authors they worked with.

So if you can do it, I highly recommend it. But here are a few tips:

1. Make sure you can meet when you can see multiple people, not just your editor.
2. Have an agenda. Make sure you really know your goals for why you’re going.
3. Be professional. Dress professionally, be prepared professionally and respect that people are taking time from their agendas.
4. Smile. Be happy to meet people. Smiling alone makes a great first impression and makes people more excited to talk to you.

I’m definitely happy I went (and it got me out of the horrible heat in Tucson for three days, too, so bonus). So authors, have any of you ever done a publisher “Summit”?

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