I Love House Hunters

For about 18 months now, my husband and I have been debating a move. When we came to Tucson in 2011, we thought it would be our forever home and I do love this place, but a lot has changed since then and so we have begun the (VERY SLOW) process of moving on. Of course this makes one of my favorite obsessions have a secondary purpose. For years and years I’ve been into House Hunters.

Well, into it may not be the right phrase. I watch it, yelling at the screen as I watch mostly horrible people look at houses to buy. I mean, seriously, these people. If the realtor shows them a home $3 over their budget, they yell. Carpet? Yell. Paint? Yell. They want granite countertops on a laminate budget. Their starter home needs chair rail and hardwood floors. With House Hunters, the yelling goes on and on.

I suppose part of the joy is complaining about the home buyers (my editor and I have long twitter conversations about these people, it’s a shared obsession). The other fun part about House Hunters is seeing the houses. I guess I must be nosy because I like peeking into other people’s houses, seeing what you can get for the money in other places in the world and looking at how homes are styled. It certainly makes me think as we move toward starting our own new home search (or build).

And I’m realizing this week’s blogs so far have all been about my weird “stuff”. LOL I guess we all have these things. So are you into home buying or flipping shows like House Hunters?

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