October Recap

October is almost over, so it’s time for an October Recap. Here’s what’s been going on in Jess Michaels World in the past month:

  • After 3 months, we are getting settled in our new house. I’ve been up here since September. It isn’t perfect, we’re still working on getting settled furniture-wise and figuing out where to put things and what we need. But we’re home!
  • We’re also almost finished with our renovation. As with all renovation, it took longer than we thought but it’s almost all done now. I’m hoping to post some pictures soon once the door is hung on our shower (the last bit).
  • One of the biggest and most exciting things that happened this month is that we’ve sold our Tucson House. It is a sad and happy thing for us. We were both happy and sad in that house, but as of December 1st-ish it will belong to someone else. Assuming all goes well in escrow, so cross your fingers and toes for us.
  • Writing wise I’ve had some good news, too. This month I finished writing Adored in Autumn, which is Felicity’s story and the LAST book in the Seasons series (can you believe it). It’s out January 10th! It was very special to finish this story in our new home and in my new work space.
  • And finally, the pre-order for One Summer of Surrender is up! Stenfax and Elise’s story is out on November 8 and you can pre-order from all retailers (links below).

That’s it! November is a big month and I’ll be starting the first book of a new series. So look for more about that…soon! Hope you all had a great October!

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