Fresh and New Starts

Today my husband and I are driving up to a town about three hours north of where we live now in Tucson. It’s not just to see the fireworks in a mountain town or hang out at the World’s Oldest Rodeo (though both those things are on the menu). It’s actually also about new starts.

The past few years have been…odd. Oh yes, I left traditional publishing and launched my indie career and it has been more successful than I could ever have hoped. I’ve made new friends and built new author relationships that have been impactful beyond my imaginings. I’ve traveled the world with my best friend and partner in life.

But, in midst of all these very public celebrations, there has also been a great deal of pain. I haven’t discussed it much and I won’t get into here, but I will say that the reasons we came to live here just sort of…fell apart in ways I never would have guessed. It left us reeling and uncertain what to do or where to go.

Time heals, oh yes, it does. But so does distance. And in the past few months we found a place we fell in love with and decided that maybe it was time to put a period at the end of the sentence that has been Tucson. Time to move on to a new sentence and a new phase of our lives.

This is an incredibly exciting time! Tomorrow (July 5th) we’ll be off with our realtor looking at some GORGEOUS houses and talking to her about the potential of buying or building our dream home. Yes, pictures will follow when there is news to report.

It’s fitting that I’m posting this on Independence Day, because here it comes for us. New Starts, time to stop just writing them and live our next one. Have you ever jumped into a fresh start? Also, what color should I paint my new office when we get to that point…..

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