A Moment of Passion is Here!

MomentOfPassion-A72lgIt’s a release day!!  I still get excited every time I say that. I hope I always will. A MOMENT OF PASSION is my 46th release over all. My 23rd Jess Michaels book. And the second of The Ladies Book of Pleasures series. Phew!

I really love this book. I’ve always been a fan of the “friends turned to lovers” stories. Maybe because my husband and I started as friends (and are still best friends). That strong bond really makes for a powerful story.

And that’s what Jason and Jacinda’s story is. Jacinda, shunned by Society after a fall from grace, has always known she could turn to wild, rakish Jason. And when she does once again, it triggers a passionate affair that will change them both to their very core.

I hope you order it, I hope you read it and I hope you love it. Happy reading!

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