A Visit from Mike Michaels: Husband/Assistant Extraordinaire

Normally this would be an Erotic Historical Romance feature but unfortunately my author for today couldn’t make it. When I cried, my awesome husband and assistant, Michael (who is not Mike Michaels, we just think it’s hilarious), made a very nice offer to write a blog for me while I was out of town at my conference and even get it all set up so it would just publish today. I have no idea what he’s going to say. I’m a little scared. But without further ado, here is my hero, Mike “Michaels”:

Today is normally a Erotic Historical Monday, but instead (lucky for you?), it’s a not so Erotic Historical Monday with Mister Mike Michaels. Please, call me Mike – Mister is my father’s name.

Perhaps I could use this time to ask for your help 🙂 Part of my official working job is to provide levity, spectacular amazement, with a healthy dose of recklessness thrown in.

Jess has been working way too much lately – writing one book, editing another, traveling to reader conferences, and getting ready to promote her SEVEN (gulp!) releases next year (plus a couple more this year to still go!).  I’m going to get her a gift – just a little surprise to let her know that she’s special and I’d like your help in choosing a gift for her!  Below are 5 gifts that I think she’d really love.  Comment on this post (or on Facebook) to help me choose which one I should get 🙂

5 Gift Possibilities for Jess Michaels

These items were each hand chosen by myself to be a fun surprise.

1. A Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Making Kit (Source: Amazon)
Neither of us is especially … crafty?  but we love cheese.  If we get this, it will either be Amazing or we may never be able to go back to Arizona.  Hard to say, but it would be a good story about the time we tried to make cheese.


2. The Grand Budapest notebook (Source: Etsy)
A notebook for an author?  Yep. shocking gift idea here.

Grand Budapest Notebook
3. A Zoolander Shirt (Source: 6dollarshirts)
This shirt says: “Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good” – because we like to support literacy.

4. Munchkin Adventure Time (Source: Amazon)
We have a ton of expansions for the fun, geeky game Munchkin, but this is an Adventure Time themed version.  Pure Geeky fun!



5. A Funko Pop of Hannibal Lecter (Source: Amazon)
This may be a little too creepy, but dang it’s cool and Jess likes Pop figures…and fava beans.   It puts the Pop figure in the basket or it gets the hose.


So… Comment below – what should it be?  Is there something else not on the list?  What should we surprise her with?  Help me make up my mind and I’ll pick something in the next few days!  — Mike Michaels.

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