Many Book Ideas, Little Time

book ideasOne of the questions I’m asked most from non-writers is about book ideas. “Where do you get ideas? How do you have so many ideas?” I always have to stop myself from blinking and asking, “How do you NOT have book ideas?”

Ideas have never been my problem. Especially in historical romance, I’ve always had plots and characters and scenes rolling around in my head. The snippets go into a notebook, to be drawn out later to fit into a book or to be a jumping off point. The more fully formed ideas usually go further, even into scheduling.

To give you an idea about where my book ideas “fit” right now, I have 3 books that are fully plotted out (the last two Seasons books and Griffin and Aaron’s MM Novella). I have schedule partially formed books for about 6 more books after that (the first books of the 1783 Club series, which will be my next series after Seasons). And then I have 16 books that are vague ideas, but in the publishing schedule. I know what I’ll be publishing from now until the end of 2019 (OMG you guys, so awesome, so much I hope you’ll fall in love with).

An Affair in Winter by Jess MichaelsThis is a great thing, because it’s fun to have so much to look forward to. It’s also a hard thing because as new ideas come up, they also have to get pushed back. Though sometimes an idea can get looped into a series (like into a plot of one of the books that I already have in my head in some way). And it’s always been this way. An Affair in Winter, which comes out in July, as been in my head since early 2014 and it took until early 2016 to actually find time to write it.

So book ideas, never the problem. But having too many, kind of a problem, but not really. As long as I’m excited about what’s on my plate right now, having all these ideas of wonderful! I hope I never run out and that you never stop wanting to read them!

Happy reading!

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