June Recap!

It’s crazy to think, but June is over (well, tomorrow it’s over). So I thought it might be fun to do a little June recap! Here’s what’s been happening in Jess Michaels world in June:

  • The East Valley Authors Reteat: Michael and I started out the month by driving to Monrovia, CA to present to the EVA RWA chapter. I spoke on love scenes and increasing writing output. Mike talked about promotion and author platform. It was a great trip!
  • Decision to move: After a year and a half discussing it, during the EVA trip, we came to a decision that we should move. We’re going on our first hardcore househunting trip in Northern Arizona next week, so that’s very exciting.
  • Schedule rework: It seems like the last month has really been a great one for idea birth. In fact, I have so many ideas right now that it inspired a big rework of my upcoming schedule for the next few years. There will be a LOT of books coming and I hope you’re going to love them.
  • Finished A Spring Deception: The first book from the Seasons series comes out in less than two weeks and I just finished writing the second book (which is a September release). I love these two characters and can’t wait for you to “meet” them.
  • An Affair in Winter is up for Pre-Order: Finally, we have processed the first book in the Seasons series for pre-order! So if you haven’t grabbed it yet, follow your link below (Kobo has been having major problems and aren’t processing new releases yet so keep checking there).

So that’s my June Recap! I hope your month has gone well and the first half of your 2016! What have YOU done in June?

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