It’s a New Series!

An Affair in Winter by Jess Michaels

Today is such an exciting day for me, it’s the launch of a new series. Yes, after a year and a half in the related worlds of the Flynns and Woodleys, Seasons is here!

The Seasons series has been in my head for a long time. I was originally planning to write it for another publisher and when I went indie, it got pushed back so that I could write expanded series for the Flynns and Woodleys. So these stories have been in my head for almost two years.

These are family stories, like the Flynns and Woodleys. Writing families is always fun and it makes it easy to give you guys sneak peeks at what’s to come. But it’s not just one family in this series. Rosalinde’s sister and Gray’s bother and sister are the main characters for each book after we see Rosalinde and Gray’s HEA in An Affair in Winter. It was fun to let you see a glimpse of Celia, Stenfax and Felicity as I wrote Gray and Rosalinde’s book.

They’re also a series with some overarching elements. Will Celia and Rosalinde find their father? Will villains come to the forefront to stop these people from happiness? Is everyone who they seem? You’ll have to see!

The books are coming out on this schedule:

July 12 (tomorrow): An Affair in Winter
September 6: A Spring Deception
November 8: One Summer of Surrender
January 10: Adored in Autumn

I hope you’ll love them all in this new series, but especially An Affair in Winter. It was one of my favorite books to write.

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