It’s Independence Day!

The Other DukeI’m so pleased and thrilled and nervous and excited to announce the publication of my 49th book, The Other Duke. You can read about it here and order it from the links below, but I wanted to talk more today about what a remarkable change this book indicates in my life. You see, this book is my first independently published book since 2011. And it is the first time I have jumped 100% into indie publication.

When I started writing back in 1999, life for writers was very different. When I got my first contract from a major publisher in 2004, it was very different too. First off, if you wanted any kind of real financial and sales success, you pretty much had to publish with a big publisher situated in New York City. Secondly, eBooks were a small part of the market. In fact, my first few books didn’t even come out as eBooks at the time they came out as paperbacks. Finally, authors, at least smaller level or midlist authors, didn’t have any real control over any part of the publication process. Covers, release dates, price points and promotion were all under the control of the publisher. If an author lost the support of her publisher and couldn’t find a new one, her career could very easily be over.

I lived my life in that mode for about 10 years with various publishers. Some were wonderful to me, some were not. I have cried and pleaded for support, I have nearly given up, I have had false starts. It was super fun and sometimes super awful. And then I decided to try something new.

I wanted to control the process, I wanted to be able to publish closer together and price the books in a way that feels more fair. And I wanted to, to be honest, make more money (this is how I support my family 100%). My husband (who is also my manager of sorts) and I talked about it for a long time last year and we decided this was the time to jump.

So here we are. And it’s independence day. And I’m already so thrilled by how this book has performed in pre-order and excited about how it will do as the next few weeks go by. I hope you will love it and see how much time went into making it great, making it a seamless experience for you the reader. I hope you will fall in love.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy! And don’t forget, its special pre-order price of $2.99 will only last through release day (January 13) so be there or be square.

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