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I met Hilde McQueen when we were on panels together at Authors After Dark in North Carolina this summer. She’s a lovely person and she writes Scots! So…. welcome Hilde!

Lady Scot SmlUndressing a Highlander

The same reason you read sensual historicals is why I write them. I love the idea of a dashing handsome hero who spirits us away to not only a faraway land, but to a different time. A different world. His world.

In my case the heroes are either Medieval Highlanders or Cowboys in the 1800s Wild West.

From the first time we see him, the wide shoulders, bonnie face, deep dimples, startling eyes and sensual lips, we become spellbound to him, our hero.

Here is an original sensual Highlander romance scene written just for Jess Michael’s blog. You are the heroine, so I’m not describing her, in the laird’s bedchamber. You’ve admired him from afar and in a brash move have come to seek him out. Ready? All right imagine this.

Already my heart is beating so hard I can swear he’ll hear it before even seeing me. Inside his chamber, the huge bed takes my attention. The fur coverings beckon me away from the chill of the air. I walk over and run my hand over the softness and imagine what it would be like if he were to invite me to lie upon it.

“I didn’t expect to find anyone here.” At the sound of his deep voice, I start. He stands just inside the door, his red and black tartan wound around his waist and over his left shoulder. I can’t keep from taking him in.

Ian McLeod’s ebony wavy hair falls to his wide shoulders. I scan his face for a sign of displeasure. Instead the corners of his lips lift. “A pleasant surprise to find ye here lass.”

“I wanted some time alone with you. It was so crowded in the great room during the evening meal, I could scarcely seek a moment.” I hope my reasoning sounds convincing. The truth would be too wanton. To admit I want him more than any man ever.

He moves to the fireplace and adds a log to it then looks up to me. His emerald green eyes are playful. “Pity. I hoped you came to do something other than just speak.” He moves closer and my breathing hitches. “Something more personal.”

Ian traces my jawline with his fingers and I swallow at his close proximity. He smells of smoke and promise, a heady mixture that makes me inhale deeply.

Now his palm cradles my face. I want him to kiss me. So much so that I dare to run my hand up his forearm. “Why have you never paid me much heed?” I ask meeting his gaze. “All these years.”

“Is that what you think? That I do not notice your beauty? Am not enamored of that enticing body? I have kept my distance because I know that once you enter my bed, I will not be strong enough to ever allow you away from me.”

My eyes widen, at his declaration. It is then he finally grants my wishes and takes my mouth. His lips are soft, delightful. The kiss is not gentle, but hard, hungry, passionate.

I need more of him so I part my lips and am delighted by the intrusion of his tongue deep into my mouth. The hardness of his body against mine is perfect. I cannot be patient, cannot wait to touch his bare skin.

“Ian, I want you. All of you.” I don’t care that my words may be taken as too forward. I have to be with him, my body’s yearnings are so strong. “Tonight I will be yours.”

His hands are at once everywhere, kneading my breasts while I help him with my gown’s fastenings. When my breasts fall free, he lowers and takes one into his mouth. I rake my fingers through his silky hair and let out a moan. So entranced I am at the sensations, I barely realize he’s removed my dress. It lays pooled at my feet.

With a possessive growl, he lifts me and with two long strides he reaches the large bed and places me atop it.

When he moves back, his chest is rising and falling rapidly. “I will take you tonight and feast upon your body until you cannot fathom a night apart from me beauty.”

If he only knew, I already felt that way. My eyes lock to where his hand is unfastening the broach at his shoulder. Once the item is removed, he places it on a small tabletop.

The light of the fire reflects across the floor where he kicks off his boots. Then he allows the folds of tartan to uncoil, revealing every plane and valley of his alluring body. Broad chest with a sprinkling of dark hair that flows like a river down the center his muscular abdomen to an even thinner path below his flat stomach.

A triangular patch of hair between his legs leads my gaze to the slender hips followed by muscular thick thighs and well-formed legs.

I take my time taking in the stunning display of masculinity until finally I cannot help but focus on the evidence of his arousal. His sex juts out, thick and large.

I lift my arms and welcome my Highlander into the bed and into my life.

Now I think I need to go take a shower. I hope you welcome my Highlanders into your arms and beds as well. For a full list of my books go to www.HildieMcQueen.com

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