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Since I’m preparing for that Big Year I talked about recently, I’ve been looking at everything included in what the industry calls my “author platform”. What a platform really is is just where I am in the universe that readers can find me.

Not all authors love social media and the revolution that it’s caused in the author-ish universe. I can see why in a way. It can be so ubiquitous and overwhelming because you could be on hundreds of sites and end up never writing ever again because you’d be doing nothing but social media stuff.

So it all comes down to being where you like to be and where you can talk to readers and make friends and have fun while you let people know about your books. Which has led me to taking part in the following Social Media outlets. Feel free to check me out on each one and friend me or follow me or whatever:

Facebook — Although I started my social media presence on MySpace, back in the day when people actually used MySpace, eventually I migrated over to Facebook. I like being able to chat there and I sometimes have fun events there (pictures, etc) that are harder to host at other places. I try hard not to over post there (I don’t like getting fifty messages a day at my Facebook and I assume you guys don’t either). How many of you are my Facebook friends?

Twitter — I’ve really fallen in love with Twitter over the past year. Not only have I build my presence there (thank you!!) but I love having random conversations and interactions. I get to have my geek out and talk books. It’s like a tiny 140 character slice of heaven.

Goodreads — Goodreads is like the ultimate cool place for people who love books. I do review books over there (I tend not to review a book if I don’t like it but it will still be on my lists). I love the groups (I participate in a few) and I love being able to organize my books. Next year I’m doing a reading challenge on there! So come friend me there and check out my shelves. And feel free to recommend books to me with some info on why. You never know what might hop onto my Kindle.

Pinterest — This is the demon social network. I could lose DAYS on Pinterest, pinning my life away, checking out recipes, etc. I also have boards for each book with extras for fans. I hope you’ll stop by and add my books to your Books Worth Reading boards or other book boards. 🙂

And next year I’ll be expanding my presence at Google+ , so feel free to add me to your circles over there. I’d like to have some Hangouts over there and be more interactive.

So where are you on Social Media? Think I’m missing out on anything? Where do you find authors? And what kinds of interactions are your favorites?

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