Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! It’s been a crazy year, so I’m afraid we didn’t decorate this year. I also have no idea how many kids to expect at our door, though I’ve been told it’s not many so I’m buying one bag of candy and hoping for the best.

I know Halloween is a favorite holiday amongst many. I’ve always liked it but never loved it. Of course it’s fun to dress up, but I’m not very good at applying makeup or doing fun things with my hair, so I always feel a little lost. Plus, I don’t like parties and I don’t drink, so as an adult, Halloween is just…weird for me.

003Not that I haven’t done the grown up Halloween thing. In 2010 I volunteered at my local zoo and was asked to be the storyteller at their annual Halloween fair. It was a lot of fun and the kids seemed to enjoy it.

And one year, I’m not sure which, but maybe 2007 or 2008, Mike and I were a demon and a dark fairy for a friend’s party. I had these big black wings that it made it hard to go in or out of doorways. I also nearly knocked over the guacamole. It was kind of a fiasco.


So are you a lover of Halloween? Any cool costumes you’ve done as a grown up?

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