Goals for 2015

Happy New Year everyone! I have to say I am so massively happy to see 2014 come to an end. It was a great year professionally for both Michael and I, but it was a very sad year for us personally and I’m really looking forward to a happier, calmer life in 2015.

My Big Year went so well last year that I decided to do it all over again. Once again, I put my goals into three different categories: Career, Writing and Self. Here are some samples of what I’ll be working on in the next 12 months:


The Other Duke1. Publish 6 new books INDIE! Yup, I’m fully indie starting as soon as The Other Duke comes out January 13 (buy links are at the end of this post). I’m so excited to start this adventure! The first book is already up for pre-order and I’m excited to say that now we have control over pricing. Right now The Other Duke is only $2.99 and will remain that price through the pre-order period before it goes up to its regular price after release. I realize if you have a Nook, BN doesn’t have pre-order. They won’t let indies do one. But I will offer the pre-release price on Nook on the first day it’s out, so please join my newsletter so you won’t miss it! There will be two more books in The Notorious Flynns series, an Albrights novella, a new series called Seasons of Passion and the release of my Christmas short story from my Wanton Christmas Wishes collection as a stand-alone. Plus box sets, re-releases and much more! Lots going on publishing wise.

2. I’ll also be continuing to develop my social media. Are you my Friend on Facebook? How about follow me on Twitter? Watch my boards on Pinterest? See what I’m reading on Goodreads? Do you want to be a part of my Street Team? Or maybe you just joined tsu? I’m on all of them and I hope you’ll join me on all or any combination!


1. Of course with all these books coming out, I have to write! So I’ll be writing at least five new books this year. I may squeeze in 6, we’ll see. But it will be a very busy year for me writing-wise.


1. I’ll be hosting a new 2015 Jess Michaels Reading Challenge at Goodreads this year. My goal is 50 books (same as last year) but we had members last year with goals of 10 and goals of 500! It’s a fun way to share what you’re reading!

2. This year we’re going to Paris, so I’ll be planning that and working on learning French.

3. I’m hoping to get back into some healthy habits with eating and exercise, so I’m kickstarting with a food challenge in January!

So that’s a sampling from me! What are YOUR goals for 2015?

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