Fresh Friday: A peek at what I wrote this week

I’m so excited to announce a new weekly feature on the blog: Fresh Friday. Every Friday I’ll be posting a short excerpt from whatever I wrote or edited that week! This will usually be an unedited small excerpt and I don’t make any promises that every single thing I post will make it to a finished book (sometimes things get cut). But it’s a fun sneak peek at whatever is Fresh this Friday!!

Here is a quick glance at A Spring Deception (Seasons 2, September 6), which I was writing this week:

“Are you offering, Celia?” he asked, his voice softer, rougher. “To save me?”

Her mouth and lips suddenly felt very dry and she licked them before she spoke. “If I knew how, I would,” she whispered.

He nodded slowly. “I believe you would.”

The finger on her chin slid in further and he cupped her cheek in one big palm. His fingers spread over her skin and her heart stuttered with the action. He filled up everything in her sight, made her only aware of him and the fact that he was inching in closer, filling all the space around her.

“I could even believe you could,” he said, bending his head.

Look for more on A Spring Deception as we get closer to release. And pre-order now at Apple (other retailers coming in August).

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