Fresh Friday: June 24, 2016

Welcome to Fresh Friday. Every Friday I’ll be posting a short excerpt from whatever I wrote or edited that week! This will usually be an unedited small excerpt and I don’t make any promises that every single thing I post will make it to a finished book (sometimes things get cut). But it’s a fun sneak peek at whatever is Fresh Friday!!

This week I finished the second book in the Seasons series, A Spring Deception. I’m a bit exhausted right no after pouring my heart into the finish. And here’s a small last snippet that was part of what I wrote this week:

Once they were alone, Celia took a step toward him. Immediately, he took one of an equal distance back.

“Don’t shut me out,” she said softly.

He let out a ragged breath, his hand lifting at his side like he wanted to touch her but couldn’t. Or wouldn’t. Then he shook his head.

“This is madness. I must, Celia. I will.”

The rest you’ll have to wait until September 6 to see! As for what I’ll be working on next week, I’ll be starting a MM novella featuring characters from Seduced. Aaron and…well, you’ll just have to wait and see. Yes, I know I’m a tease.

Then I’ll be starting on One Summer of Surrender, Book 3 of the Seasons series. There’s a lot fo exciting stuff coming up and I’m loving my own summer of surrender to writing, writing writing.

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