Fresh Friday: July 22, 2016

Welcome to Fresh Friday. Every Friday I’ll be posting a short excerpt from whatever I wrote or edited that week! This will usually be an unedited small excerpt and I don’t make any promises that every single thing I post will make it to a finished book (sometimes things get cut). But it’s a fun sneak peek at whatever is Fresh Friday!!

This week I began work on the third Seasons book, which is Stenfax and Elise’s story:stenfaxandelise

This is the start and I’m so excited:

“I’m going home,” Stenfax said, not looking at his sister Felicity, nor at Gray and his wife Rosalinde, but continuing to stare into the spinning, laughing, all-too-loud crowd.

Felicity turned on him, her bright eyes filled with worry. God, everyone always looked at him with worry anymore. It was exhausting.

“Oh, please don’t go, Lucien,” she said, grabbing his hand with both of hers. “We haven’t danced an allemande yet.”

Lucien arched a brow with a chuckle. “You despise the allemande, Felicity. Do try to make your little lies to keep me here more believable.”

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