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medintrotopleasureToday is a BIG DAY! I’ve been dying to tell you all this was coming, but was not allowed to share until today. Right now, for a limited time, AN INTRODUCTION TO PLEASURE, my nationally bestselling erotic historical romance is FREE on Kindle, Nook and Sony eReader!!

You read that right! It is absolutely FREE!!

Now this is a limited time freebie, so I hope you’ll run out and order it right away so that you can enjoy the story. Already read it? This would be the perfect time to recommend it to a friend and on Twitter, Facebook and your blogs! I would LOVE to see the book flying up the charts everywhere it’s free and YOU can help me do that.

So you want to order it? Well here are the links:

Barnes and Noble
Sony eReader

Secondly, today is the first day we drew a winner for the Kindle or $75 Amazon gift certificate (winners choice) from my current newsletter subscribers! Our lucky winner for June is (hopefully you recognize the first part of your email)! Congrats! You’ll be getting an email from us soon. We’ll draw our next lucky winner July 1 and all you have to do to win is be a current newsletter subscriber! Sign up here.

Thank you all for your support and your help getting AN INTRODUCTION TO PLEASURE back on the bestseller lists now that it’s a freebie! Your sharing really helps, so go forth and tell everyone you know!

Pre-Order Taken By the Duke Amazon
Pre-Order Taken By the Duke Barnes and Noble

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