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Is This Thing On?

You know how sometimes you look up and two years have gone by and you haven’t blogged. No? That’s just me. Yup, it’s me. Well, you know, things got busy, I was writing a lot of books and such. But I thought I’d just post a little update and check in.

My biggest news is that we have moved. Arizona is no longer our home and we are in Dallas now. Lots of people have asked me why we moved.… [Read more...]

Forbidden is here!

Forbidden by Jess Michaels

It’s hard to believe it but here we are at another release day! My 6th of the year, phew! And this one is extra special because FORBIDDEN is the first book in my newest series, The Wicked Woodleys. You may remember this family from both The Widow Wager and A Marquis for Mary. Edward, their leader, appeared in both books (AMfM is his book) and these are the stories of his four brothers and sisters.… [Read more...]

The Secrets of The Secret Project

Recently, I’d shared my upcoming releases, as part of my 2014 Appearances and some of you noticed this entry:

June 24: Release of… shhhh, it’s a secret! Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

Well, yesterday I finished my current work in progress (WIP) and I was so excited about it that I decided to share the information about that secret today! Here is the skinny:

The book is called Beautiful Distraction, it’s a novella and it is the fourth book in The Pleasure Wars series!… [Read more...]

Kate Pearce Winner!!

Hi everyone and thank you so much for all your visits and comments on Kate’s awesome blog on Monday. I’m happy to announce our randomly drawn winner was…

Cynthia Reifel

Cynthia, please email me at and I’ll make sure you are connected with Kate so you can receive your book.

I love the enthusiasm for this new feature and I hope you’ll visit next Monday when the lovely Lauren Smith will be in the spotlight!… [Read more...]

Sometimes Status Saturday: December 7

It’s December and technically I’m kind of supposed to be on a break. But I’ve been plotting my next book, which I’ll start writing in January and going through an intensive review of my platform in preparation for that “Big Year” I’ve been talking about. Also Christmas shopping!

Work In Progress News: Plotting A Moment of Passion which is the second book in my next series, The Ladies Book of Pleasure. I also have a paperback galley to go through for Taken By the Duke (which will be out next July).… [Read more...]

Sometimes Saturday Status: November 16

We are down to the last few days before the release of my next book, Pleasuring the Lady, so my brain has really been filled with “book is coming out” nervousness and preparation. But I still managed to get some stuff done.

Work In Progress News: I’ve been editing my secret project novella this week. I also just got my edits from my editor at Samhain for Beauty and the Earl, so I’ll start those next (probably tomorrow).… [Read more...]

Sin Revisited! And on SALE (for a limited time).

Back in the beginning of time (okay, probably 2006), I wrote three very, very sexy novellas that I sold to a tiny press called Venus. Eventually, Venus folded and the paperbacks of those novellas started being sold on BN and Amazon for a ridiculous amount (hundreds of dollars). So in 2009, I self-published the books as a novella collection called SIN. Since then I haven’t touched the collection, but recently we’ve decided to do some changes and there are some very exciting developments:

Development 1: The book has a new cover!… [Read more...]

For the Historical Romance Lover in YOU

Normally this would be a Question Wednesday post, but today I’m doing something a little different. When I heard that Amy Alvis was starting up a review blog that focused on historical romance novels, I was excited. There are so many blogs out there and review sites and they’re all awesome, but I’m a historical romance kind of girl, so it made my heart happy.

Amy and I got talking and we decided it might be fun for ME to interview HER for the launch of her blog!… [Read more...]

What a Strange and Wonderful Thing is Life

The past few weeks have been wonderful and odd for me. Not only did my husband and I go on our cruise, but when we came back my first book in my Mistress Matchmaker Series, An Introduction to Pleasure, went free for two weeks on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony and Apple (I don’t know why not Kobo).

If you didn’t know about the promo, I have no idea how! LOL I sent out a newsletter, tweeted multiple times a day and Facebooked regularly about it.… [Read more...]

FREE book and first newsletter winner!

medintrotopleasureToday is a BIG DAY! I’ve been dying to tell you all this was coming, but was not allowed to share until today. Right now, for a limited time, AN INTRODUCTION TO PLEASURE, my nationally bestselling erotic historical romance is FREE on Kindle, Nook and Sony eReader!!

You read that right! It is absolutely FREE!!

Now this is a limited time freebie, so I hope you’ll run out and order it right away so that you can enjoy the story.… [Read more...]

The Catalog

I’ve been writing a long time. I started writing in 1999 and sold my first piece of fiction in 2003 (one of my Red Sage books). In 2004, I sold my first full-length novel to Avon (under my Jenna Petersen name) and my career reallly took off. But after a certain number of books, you lose track of where you are in the world and as I was writing blogs for my upcoming release of TAKEN BY THE DUKE, I started a list of all my work under all my names.… [Read more...]

April Fools!

Ha! Gotcha. You came thinking I’d be doing my normal Monday blog, but instead I’m at the airport taking my in-laws home. GOOD ONE!!!

Seriously, I’ll be back Wednesday with my regular post. In the meantime, anyone still play ACTUAL April Fool’s jokes? Any good ones this year?… [Read more...]

Relay For Life Raffle Round-Up

Well, it’s Tuesday morning and that means the Relay Raffle is closed and all the winners have been chosen. Thank you all for putting up with this topic dominating my Facebook and Twitter feeds for a week. The Oro Valley Relay For Life and American Cancer Society have become very special to me in the last six months and I am so proud to be a part of both.

So how did we pick the winners?… [Read more...]

Winner of Free Book!

Thank you all so much for the great questions for the blog on January 2. Thanks to all of you, I have a ton of material to start doing Question Wednesday! I’ll begin answering January 9. I scrolled through all the questions and randomized a winner and that winner was…… drum roll…………

Nikita W.!

Nikita actually asked like four questions, which had no bearing on that she was picked (since it was random), but is awesome anyway.… [Read more...]