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Audio Madness!

One of the coolest things about being an independent author is that we (my husband/assistant and I) get to progress my career however I want. The hard thing is, we do all the stuff to progress my career however we want. 🙂 This means making decisions and following through on all the steps.

One of the steps in 2015 was starting to produce audio books. I know a lot of you are voracious listeners as well as readers and I love being able to provide that mode of delivery.… [Read more...]

2015 in Review

As I look back on 2015, my head spins. It’s been a wild and crazy ride for me. Of course most of you know that this year is when I went “the full indie” (which is like The Full Monty but with more clothing). I admit, I went into the year with a lot of trepidation. What if I failed? What if none of you bought my books without a publisher name on the spine of them.… [Read more...]

There’s Something About a Notorious Flynn

JessMichaels_NotoriousFlynns1-5BoxSet_200pxWhen I had the idea for The Other Duke last summer, there was no way I could have imagined what would happen next. All I knew was that I had an idea that thrilled me and it easily lead to a family that intrigued me even more. Writing each book in the series was a wonderful experience.

I loved writing Rafe and Serafina in The Other Duke. So often the hero in my books is the one who is broken and needs to be healed by love but in their book it was Serafina who didn’t want that kind of connection and built a wall between them.… [Read more...]

It’s Release Day!! No Gentleman for Georgina is here!

No Gentleman for Georgina by Jess MichaelsWell, here we go again! For the 4th time this year, I’m pleased to announce it’s release day!! Today I’m celebrating the release of No Gentleman for Georgina, the 4th book in The Notorious Flynns series.

I really loved the characters of Paul and Georgina, who made their first appearances in The Scoundrel’s Lover. The more I thought about it, the more I knew they would be a perfect fit for each other.

Additionally, I had so much fun researching Madame Tussaud’s wax exhibit, which was touring the English countryside during that time period before Madame returned to London and put up a permanent exhibit there.… [Read more...]

Why the USA Today Bestseller List Means So Much to Me

usatodaycolorThis week something amazing happened to me. Something I had long dreamed of but had come to accept just probably wouldn’t ever happen. I hit a bestseller list. A BIG bestseller list. I hit the USA Today.

Hitting a major list (New York Times or USA Today) had been a dream of mine since I sold my first book to HarperCollins in 2004, but over the years I was told and began to believe that it would never happen for me.… [Read more...]

It’s release day! :)

The Widow Wager by Jess Michaels

I don’t really feel like it, but in some ways I’m old guard I this industry. I’ve been writing full-time since 1999 and published since 2004. I was around for the very beginning of e-Books and moved through the ranks of traditional publishing. Now I’m finding success I never imagined as an indie author. I’ve been through the “stuff” and I think I’m stronger for it.

But even with all that, every time I have a book out, it is still a thrill!… [Read more...]

It’s Independence Day!

The Other DukeI’m so pleased and thrilled and nervous and excited to announce the publication of my 49th book, The Other Duke. You can read about it here and order it from the links below, but I wanted to talk more today about what a remarkable change this book indicates in my life. You see, this book is my first independently published book since 2011. And it is the first time I have jumped 100% into indie publication.… [Read more...]

Question Wednesday: Upcoming Projects

Every week I answer a question from a reader or writer here on my blog. You can add a  question to the queue by putting it in the comments on any blog. This week’s question is:

What are your upcoming projects for 2015?

This is a great question, considering it’s the last day of the year and it’s time to reflect on the past and think about the future (more on that tomorrow). But here are my upcoming books for 2015:

The Other DukeJanuary 13: The Other Duke — my first indie project and the first book in my new series, The Notorious Flynns.… [Read more...]

The Big Year #1 in Review

Here we are at the end of another year. But this wasn’t just a normal year for me. I have been calling this my “big year” because I decided to kick everything about building my career into high gear. So did I succeed? Was this truly a “big year”. Well, yes!

First, I had writing goals. This year I wrote 5 books and I published 6 (5 with a publisher, one self-published). Everything I wanted to see written and out there got done and I feel so happy and proud of those accomplishments.… [Read more...]

It’s My Anniversary!

Normally today would be an erotic historical romance feature and we’ll pick that up again next week, but today is a very exciting one and I want to share it with you. You see, today is the tenth anniversary of the publication of my very first book.

Back in 2003, I was writing historical romance, waiting for my big break to come. Indie publishing was all but non-existent and there weren’t very many choices out there for writers but to wait for a publisher to decide you were the “one” that week.… [Read more...]

Cover Reveal: Wanton Christmas Wishes

I’m very excited to be able to share with you the cover of my next release. This is an erotic historical romance short story collection from me and a bunch of other AWESOME authors. It will be out November 18 and here is the gorgeous cover:


My story is A Christmas Kiss and here is a blurb:

 A CHRISTMAS KISS by Jess Michaels. Tricked into spending time alone with the husband who made it clear he doesn’t care about her, the Countess of Blackgrove, Amelia, has no idea how to react. [Read more...]

A Moment of Passion is Here!

MomentOfPassion-A72lgIt’s a release day!!  I still get excited every time I say that. I hope I always will. A MOMENT OF PASSION is my 46th release over all. My 23rd Jess Michaels book. And the second of The Ladies Book of Pleasures series. Phew!

I really love this book. I’ve always been a fan of the “friends turned to lovers” stories. Maybe because my husband and I started as friends (and are still best friends).… [Read more...]

Question Wednesday: Why Indie?

Every week I answer a question from a reader or writer here on my blog. You can add a question to the queue by putting it in the comments on any blog. This week’s question is from a bunch of people :

You’ve been talking a lot lately about going indie in 2015. Why are you making that shift?

I have been in this business for 15 years. Yup, you read that right. 15 years.… [Read more...]

Question Wednesday: Why Join the Newsletter

Every week I answer a question from a reader or writer here on my blog. You can add a question to the queue by putting it in the comments on any blog. This week’s question is a general one I get:

Why should I join your newsletter?

There are several reasons why my newsletter is the place to be:

1. It’s the best place to know when I have a book out. Yes, you may be on my social media or visit my website, but it’s so easy to miss posts.… [Read more...]

It’s my birthday!!

Today is my birthday!! It’s actually a weird birthday for me because I’m not home. I’m still in North Carolina for the Authors After Dark conference in Charlotte. Usually Michael (my husband) is with me for my birthday but he couldn’t come with me this trip, so I’ll be hanging with some author friends and today is the BIG booksigning, so if you live in the Charlotte area, please come to the Westin in downtown Charlotte from 2-4pm EST and see me!… [Read more...]