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Erotic Historical Romance Monday

Raine Miller: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

Please welcome Raine Miller today, who is talking about book covers. She has some pretty cool stuff for show and tell, too!

Let’s talk historical book covers.  The jewel-toned gown slipping off the shoulders, the headless chest of a hottie in breeches standing in front of a manor house. Sound familiar? Probably too familiar if I am honest, and while they can be beautiful I realized that style wasn’t for me. It just wasn’t the look I wanted for my books.… [Read more...]

Hilde McQueen: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

I met Hilde McQueen when we were on panels together at Authors After Dark in North Carolina this summer. She’s a lovely person and she writes Scots! So…. welcome Hilde!

Lady Scot SmlUndressing a Highlander

The same reason you read sensual historicals is why I write them. I love the idea of a dashing handsome hero who spirits us away to not only a faraway land, but to a different time. A different world. His world.

In my case the heroes are either Medieval Highlanders or Cowboys in the 1800s Wild West.… [Read more...]

Monica Burns: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

ForeverMine_600x900Monica Burns is here today with a very powerful message. Please welcome her:

As of 2013, it is estimated that one in five females and one in 71 males are raped in their lifetimes in the United States. That’s more than 23.6 million survivors. Today, around the world, women are subjected to horrendous acts of violence, subjugation, and oppression. The more we attention we bring to hate crimes against women and condemn those heinous acts we are working to change the world and its mindset on violence against women.… [Read more...]

Jenna Jaxon: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

Today’s featured erotic historical romance author is Jenna Jaxon. Her books are often listed as “also boughts” on mine and when I asked for erotic historical authors, several people mentioned her name. But she has something to say about that! Please welcome Jenna Jaxon!

Erotic Historical Writer…Who, Me?

91xBE7mBjRL__SL1500_I was very excited when Jess contacted me about appearing as a guest on her blog, but I felt compelled to ask her if she had the right person.… [Read more...]

Beth Williamson: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

BethWilliamson_Tobias800-200x300Today I’m excited to welcome my friend Beth Williamson! She writes western erotic historical romance, which is awesome since I love that readers can have choices! Today she’s talking about erotic historical romance in general and I love her thoughts. So come give a few comments and let Beth know you’re here!

The old saying, “To each his own” or another favorite “Whatever blows your skirt up” both seem appropriate when it comes to erotic historical romance.… [Read more...]

Kathryn Kane: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

My guest today is Kathryn Kane, who writes erotic regency romance like me! I love this period, so her topic today about flowers and titles and a bunch of other cool stuff is pretty much like catnip for me! So enjoy! 🙂

It is an honor and a privilege to have received an invitation to guest post here today. I have enjoyed the romance novels of both Jenna Petersen and later, Jess Michaels, so I am very much a fan, and rather in awe to have this opportunity. [Read more...]

Cassandra Dean: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

Cassandra Dean is my guest today and we’re lucky to have her talking about one of her books, Teach Me, which is now officially on my TBR pile. Growing daily. LOL Please give a warm welcome to Cassandra!

TEACH ME and erotic romance

Hi peeps,

I’m so thrilled Jess has asked me to appear on her blog. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Cassandra Dean and I write historical and fantasy romance ranging from sweet to steamy.… [Read more...]

Molly Ann Wishlade: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

I’m excited to have this week’s featured erotic historical romance author, Molly Ann Wishlade because she’s talking about Western historicals! There really aren’t enough of those, I think. So hang out and welcome Molly Ann:

Hello there! I’m extremely grateful to Jess for hosting me at her gorgeous blog today and I’m excited to get the opportunity to guest post.

I thought I’d share with you the reasons why I enjoy writing historical westerns. I’m absolutely fascinated by the Wild West, in particular the town of Deadwood, and I love writing about cowboys and their lives and loves.… [Read more...]

Colette Gale: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

My guest this week is Colette Gale, the author of some of my very favorite erotic romantic stories. Her Jane series (based on Tarzan and Jane) is…. AMAZING!!! So welcome her and let’s talk about turning classics on their heads. Colette has a prize too, so COMMENT!!!

Seducing the Classics

by Colette Gale

I grew up devouring Bertrice Small’s Skye O’Malley series, and had no idea I was reading the precursor to today’s erotic romance, or romantica.… [Read more...]

Delilah Marvelle: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

This week we welcome Delilah Marvelle, whose sexy historical series The School of Gallantry is a favorite amongst a lot of you. Soooooo….. here’s Delilah:

Night of Pleasure (final) @ 2700 high resFor those of you who don’t know about my School of Gallantry Series, please allow me to give you the quick lowdown of what you can expect. It’s a very quirky, very sexy historical romance series about couples who in one form or another get pulled into a “school” led by a retired French courtesan who educates men in the topic of love and seduction.… [Read more...]

Scarlet Scott: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

This week’s erotic historical romance featured author is Scarlet Scott and she’s talking about dresses, which I’m super stoked about. I hope you’ll also visit her site and make her feel very welcome. So here’s Scarlet!

First of all, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Jess for having me here! I’m honored to drop by her blog today. 

As you may have guessed by my presence, I write erotic historical romance. While I’ve written all kinds of characters and time periods—from 18th century swashbucklers to Regency rakes—many of my books take place in late Victorian England, specifically the 1870s and 1880s. [Read more...]

A Visit from Mike Michaels: Husband/Assistant Extraordinaire

Normally this would be an Erotic Historical Romance feature but unfortunately my author for today couldn’t make it. When I cried, my awesome husband and assistant, Michael (who is not Mike Michaels, we just think it’s hilarious), made a very nice offer to write a blog for me while I was out of town at my conference and even get it all set up so it would just publish today. I have no idea what he’s going to say. [Read more...]

Amy Sandas: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

This week’s featured author is Amy Sandas, one of my fellow Samhain erotic historical authors. She’s talking about something I always battle with, what is the difference between a hot historical and an erotic one. Let’s see her answer:

What’s the Difference?

Hi everyone. I am excited to be here today. I write sexy Historical Romance set in Regency England featuring bold men and daring women. When Jess invited me to blog on her site, she suggested I discuss the difference between Erotic Historical Romance and Historical Romance that is hot and steamy, but not erotic.… [Read more...]

Samantha Kane: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

My guest this week is Samantha Kane, who saved me when another author bowed out of the feature last minute. I’m doubly excited to have her because in November we will be in an anthology together (more to come later) so welcome, Samantha Kane:


Not many people would see this:


…and think of this: samanthakane2

I did.

That is, of course, why I write historical erotic romance, isn’t it?… [Read more...]

KT Grant: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

This week’s featured erotic historical romance author is KT Grant, who writes lesbian historical romance. Check out her journey here:

This Time Now coverWhen I decided I wanted to be a published author, I wanted to write romance. I wasn’t sure about the sensuality factor or which type of romance sub-genre I would write, but I knew it would have a happily ever after at the end. In 2010, I accomplished my dream of becoming a publishing author.… [Read more...]