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As many of you already know, late last year I began a newsletter which lists new historical romance releases each week. Buy A Historical is something that was born out of the old service on my Passionate Pen website where I listed a monthly run down of historical romances being published (mostly by the traditional publishers). As the market has changed, I thought this was a better way to spread the word about the genre and its new releases.

There are a lot of reasons I started this list. I love historical romance. Love it. I can’t imagine writing anything but historical romance and I want to see this genre flourish for me and for all writers. I think there’s so much to be had for all kinds of readers in the sub-genre. I also think that it’s too easy to miss new historical romance releases because they aren’t as talked about by as many bloggers or in social media.

Plus there are so many wonderful newsletters for books on sale, but not many for new releases. So I hope you’ll join the newsletter (it’s once a week) and continue to buy and support the historical genre.

And authors, if you have a historical romance coming out, please submit it to the newsletter. Please pay attention to the dates I’m accepting for though. If you send me something that comes out earlier than the accepted date, it won’t be included. Please feel free to share the link to the newsletter with your readers, too. The more readers signed up for the newsletter, the more it helps everyone!

Join here:

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