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Audio Madness!

One of the coolest things about being an independent author is that we (my husband/assistant and I) get to progress my career however I want. The hard thing is, we do all the stuff to progress my career however we want. 🙂 This means making decisions and following through on all the steps.

One of the steps in 2015 was starting to produce audio books. I know a lot of you are voracious listeners as well as readers and I love being able to provide that mode of delivery.… [Read more...]

2015 in Review

As I look back on 2015, my head spins. It’s been a wild and crazy ride for me. Of course most of you know that this year is when I went “the full indie” (which is like The Full Monty but with more clothing). I admit, I went into the year with a lot of trepidation. What if I failed? What if none of you bought my books without a publisher name on the spine of them.… [Read more...]

Sometimes Saturday September 5

This will be my last Status Saturday. It turns out blogging kind of sucks out my creative energy, so I won’t be doing it as regularly. Look for the occasional feature about what I’m up to or releases. And the website will most definitely still be updated with my most recent info!

Work In Progress News: I’m very, very close to finishing TEMPTED (The Wicked Woodleys 3) and I finished up with the short stories that will be in the Lady Waverly’s Lovers collection in November.… [Read more...]

Sometimes Saturday August 29

I can’t believe it’s the end of August! This year is flying.

Work In Progress News: Since it was a release week, my writing schedule was a bit lighter, but I’m past the halfway point on TEMPTED (The Wicked Woodleys 3).

Favorite Song of the Week: I love this song:

Backlist/Release News: Forbidden is out and thank you to everyone for the stellar sales! If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, you can pick it up from any of the retailers below.… [Read more...]

Forbidden is here!

Forbidden by Jess Michaels

It’s hard to believe it but here we are at another release day! My 6th of the year, phew! And this one is extra special because FORBIDDEN is the first book in my newest series, The Wicked Woodleys. You may remember this family from both The Widow Wager and A Marquis for Mary. Edward, their leader, appeared in both books (AMfM is his book) and these are the stories of his four brothers and sisters.… [Read more...]

Sometimes Saturday August 22

FORBIDDEN comes out Tuesday!! So excited!

Work In Progress News: It’s been busy. I’ve been writing TEMPTED and editing DECEIVED, just like last week. DECEIVED is back to my editor now. My brain has already been taunting me with thoughts for the last book (maybe) in the Woodley series, RUINED, which will feature wayward sister Claire.

Favorite Song of the Week: I’ve been doing Zumba recently and our warm up song is always this one, which now plays in my head constantly:

Backlist/Release News: Forbidden is out TUESDAY!… [Read more...]

Sometimes Saturday August 15

Today is my brother’s birthday! So celebrate!!!

Work In Progress News: It’s been a busy week! I’m back to work and have written over 10,000 words on TEMPTED, the third book in The Wicked Woodleys series. And I’ve been doing a second pass edit on DECEIVED, the second book that will be out in October. Lots of Woodleys on my mind!

Favorite Song of the Week: I’m back in the saddle working and I’ve got to drive along to Fight Song:

Backlist/Release News: I’m so excited!… [Read more...]

Sometimes Saturday August 8

Tomorrow is my birthday! So it’s a celebration Saturday!

Work In Progress News: Not much work on any new projects this week. I was still on a much-needed vacation, but next week? SO MUCH COMING on works in progress!

Favorite Song of the Week: I LOVE the new Mumford and Sons CD:

Backlist/Release News: You can now pre-order FORBIDDEN, the first book in The Wicked Woodleys series (which is strongly tied to the Flynns) for just $2.99 pre-order sale price!… [Read more...]

Sometimes Saturday August 1

Happy August! It was a wonderful trip to Paris. I’m hoping to post a little about it this coming week. In the meantime…

Work In Progress News: No work in progress news at present. This coming week I’ll be doing a few things getting ready for the August 25 release, but I’ll start writing the third Wicked Woodleys and editing the second the week after!

Favorite Song of the Week: Really liking this one right now:

Backlist/Release News: If you’re looking forward to FORBIDDEN (The Wicked Woodleys 1) we are in the process of uploading the pre-order!… [Read more...]

Sometimes Saturday July 18

Last Saturday before we had to Paris. I will be pretty much incommunicado for the next couple of weeks!

Work In Progress News: I’ve been plotting the third book in the Wicked Woodleys series. It will be out next January. I’ll start writing it after my birthday August 9. 🙂

Favorite Song of the Week: No song this week. I’ve been listening to meditation cds, actually. LOL

Backlist/Release News: The entire Notorious Flynns series is available in a bundle for just $9.99 which is about $8 off the cover price of buying the individual books.… [Read more...]

Sometimes Saturday July 4

Happy 4th of July to my American friends!

Work In Progress News: I finished up the final content edit for FORBIDDEN, out in August. Just copyedits to go and we’ll be going into formatting! I also started my first edit for DECEIVED, which will be available in October. I’ll be finishing that up next week and then I’ll be FREE as we get ready to go to Paris!

Favorite Song of the Week: This is a hella sexy version of this song:

Backlist/Release News: Big news is that THE OTHER DUKE (The Notorious Flynns) is on sale right now for just 99 cents!!… [Read more...]

Sometimes Saturday June 27

Wow, we are through the halfway point of 2015. Crazy!

Work In Progress News: By this time tomorrow I *think* I’ll be done with DECEIVED, the second book in The Wicked Woodleys series. This book comes out in October. Then I’ll actually get most of July and part of August OFF! I can’t wait, I really need a breather.

Favorite Song of the Week: I love this song. It fits my current book, too.

Backlist/Release News: The Notorious Flynns bundle is up and ready to buy!… [Read more...]

There’s Something About a Notorious Flynn

JessMichaels_NotoriousFlynns1-5BoxSet_200pxWhen I had the idea for The Other Duke last summer, there was no way I could have imagined what would happen next. All I knew was that I had an idea that thrilled me and it easily lead to a family that intrigued me even more. Writing each book in the series was a wonderful experience.

I loved writing Rafe and Serafina in The Other Duke. So often the hero in my books is the one who is broken and needs to be healed by love but in their book it was Serafina who didn’t want that kind of connection and built a wall between them.… [Read more...]

Sometimes Saturday June 20

Oh gosh, what a great week! You’ll see!!

Work In Progress News: I wrote a big chunk on DECEIVED (The Wicked Woodleys 2) which will be out in October. AND I finished an edit on FORBIDDEN (The Wicked Woodleys 1) which is out in August. Now it’s back to my editor for her second pass.

Favorite Song of the Week: I’m doing some celebrating right now (see below):

Backlist/Release News: Oh my gosh A Marquis for Mary hit the USA Today bestseller list at #100!!!!… [Read more...]