The Big Year #1 in Review

Here we are at the end of another year. But this wasn’t just a normal year for me. I have been calling this my “big year” because I decided to kick everything about building my career into high gear. So did I succeed? Was this truly a “big year”. Well, yes!

First, I had writing goals. This year I wrote 5 books and I published 6 (5 with a publisher, one self-published). Everything I wanted to see written and out there got done and I feel so happy and proud of those accomplishments. Also thankful that so many of you have gone along on the journey with me by buying my work and giving me feedback via reviews, social media or email contact.

I also made a lot of other career/platform building goals. I’ve built up my Twitter, my Facebook, my newsletter, my Goodreads and my Pinterest, all by daily interactions and dedication of a good portion of my time to my social media goals. It’s nice to think there’s some magical pill a writer can take and have overnight success, but for most of us, it really comes down to committing to building a platform and a connection to readers and then doing it consistently.

Probably one of the best things I’ve done in the last year is grow my relationships with other authors. Not only have I made so many new friends, but also I hope I’ve helped grow our genre and help them with their own goals. We all rise together so I want to continue that into the new year.

And then there were the unexpected things that happened in my “Big Year”. For example, I didn’t go into 2014 thinking that it would be the last year I was traditionally published. But mid-year I made the decision to go indie and I am so excited about the first books I’ve done on my own (starting with The Other Duke in January). It’s a big jump and a scary one, but it’s definitely been a defining moment of my Big Year.

So did The Big Year go well? I think so. I learned a lot, grew a lot and was thankful to have my career to focus on. And so, I’ve decided that 2015 will be a whole new big year with new goals to meet. But that’s a blog for another day!

How was your year?

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