Beauty and the Earl: Erotic Historical Romance Monday

Beauty and the Earl by Jess MichaelsI can’t believe it but release day is pretty much here! Tomorrow Beauty and the Earl, the third book in The Pleasure Wars series, will be out in the world! This is the one a lot of you have been waiting for, too, especially if you enjoyed last year’s Taken By the Duke. This is Liam’s story!

To be honest, I’ve been waiting for Liam’s story, too, since the first moment Ava knocked on his bedroom door and was met by a beast who refused to come back into the world after the death of his beloved. He is a man consumed by hate and anger and grief.

And oh boy, did I ever want to fix him. But I knew I couldn’t just send someone in with fixing on her mind. That was why I didn’t pair him with Portia (who got her own story in Pleasuring the Lady). If Portia had come to him, he would have known her motives and he never would have opened up to her.

So what kind of woman could make it past his defenses, sneak past his walls, and get inside? The spy he never saw coming. Violet, a courtesan who he thinks is just in Bath on holiday. A woman who wants sex as much as he desires it. A woman who teases with no strings attached, no future to think about. What harm would it be to whisper a few secrets to a woman who has likely heard so many?

And that is how a man falls in love. And that is how a woman begins to doubt herself and the lies she’s telling. And THAT is how you tame a beast.

Please buy it. Please read it. Please tell everyone how much you love (or hate) it. Pretty please.

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