Back to the world of the living

It’s a funny thing about writers, especially romance writers. Or at least about ME, since I guess I can’t speak to anyone else’s experience but my own. I was always really involved in romanceland. I ran a site called The Passionate Pen for aspiring authors for over a decade. I went to RWA meetings and conferences. I knew lots of people and entered contests. And then…one day…I just stopped.

Not stopped writing. Just stopped participating. Some of it had to do with leaving my first publisher. I was really devastated by a lot of stuff that happened there and with the performance of the zombie books and I felt embarrassed and depressed. I walked away, I stopped returning calls and emails. I turtled myself up and just kept writing without interacting.

I really missed that author interaction but by then I was pretty physically isolated by where I lived. I realized how much I craved those long, weird talks about motivation and craft and whatever fresh hell was hitting publishing. I crept back out online. But online isn’t quite the same as IRL conversation. Which is why I started the podcast.

Talking to real authors! Remembering what it’s like to compare war stories and success stories and learn from their process. BLISS! Now I’ve moved back to a place where I can be with other writers, I’m going to my RWA meetings again, I’m still podcasting and I’m going to start going to conferences and events again.

So I guess what I mean to say is I am returning to the land of the living authors. A little battered and bruised by battle. A lot older, maybe a smidge wiser. But out there again. Now we’ll see if we all survive my re-entry.

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