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One of the coolest parts about the current climate in publishing AND in the world in general is that books are being published that authors have always been told would “never work” or “never sell”. Obviously not true. While stories with same-sex couples have always existed, they are becoming increasingly popular and even published by mainstream publishers. I think it’s kind of awesome. Today’s guest author, Ava March, tells us all about this trend and why it works so well with readers. Welcome Ava! Oh and PS, her newest book is out TODAY, so GO BUY IT!

The Appeal of M/M Historical Erotic Romance

Historical erotic romance is a favorite of mine. The restraint of proper decorum and class boundaries clashing with lust and need. The gorgeous confining clothes, and characters removing those gorgeous clothes. And when it comes to historical erotic romance, my absolute favorite books are Male/Male (M/M) Regency romances. For those of you who haven’t dipped your toes into the M/M pond yet, I’m here to try to entice you to give it a go, complete with a few example snippets from my books. The water’s warm, hot male nakedness abounds, and it’s a lot of fun.

The Clothes – Men wore what amounted to a suit every day. I don’t know about you, but a man in a suit? Yum. Two men in suits. Even yummier. And two men helping each other to remove their cravats, coats, waistcoats, shirts and trousers? Super yum.

They made quick work of divesting each other of their clothes, their lips only separating to pull shirts over their heads that joined the pile of waistcoats, cravats, trousers and coats scattered about their feet.Brook Street: Thief 

The Freedom – Men had far more freedom during the Regency era than women. With two men, there is no need for chaperones, no worries about ruining a young lady’s reputation. Men could go where they want, when they want. They can visit Gentleman Jackson’s, meet up at White’s, or go to a gambling hell. They can even travel together and stay at each other’s homes. Lots of opportunities for them to be together outside of a ballroom.

“I would like for you to come to the country with me. You would have a bedchamber of your own, all your expenses would come to me to settle. I will put it about that you are merely a friend from London. Gentlemen pay each other visits in the country, after all…”All In with the Duke 

The Directness – Men tend to be more direct beings. They go after what they want, be that in life or in the bedroom. And when you consider you’re dealing with two men, both of whom have muscles and strength enough to move the other around…

Before Rob could reach for him again, Linus pulled back, broke the kiss. He hauled Rob around, pushed him face-first to the wall. Lust, frustration and need pounding through his veins, he reached around his friend to pull on the buttons of his trousers. “You’re a goddamn stubborn bastard,” he growled into Rob’s ear.Brook Street: Rogues 

The Need for Discretion – Men in M/M books have to keep their relationship a secret (sodomy was against the law, a hangable offense). When out and about, and even in their own homes (if they had servants), they need to appear as friends and nothing more. However, this can create some delectable sexual tension when out in public. A mere hand on a shoulder might look casual to an observer, but when that hand belongs to one’s lover…

Then dark eyes caught his beneath the fan of their lashes. The barest hint of a nod. A brush of fingertips against his own. The touch lit up every nerve in his body. A tremble of anticipation racked his spine, mixed with the sweet taste of relief. He pulled his gaze from Thomas’s and glanced down the corridor behind them. That damn footman better hurry.My True Love Gave to Me 

The Dynamic – The relationship dynamic tends to be different in a M/M romance. Men don’t have Society’s notions of how they should behave toward a woman always lurking in the back of their minds. They can be more blunt, be more themselves, yet also more vulnerable. It creates a different feel to the romance, and I must admit, it is my favorite thing about M/M books.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he reached out. Cupped Jack’s jaw. His skin was cool, his day’s beard bristly against Will’s palm. He could feel Jack’s pulse, rapid and quick, beneath his fingers. Could feel the tension, the brittle vulnerability, that strung his giant’s massive muscles taut. – Sharp Love 


Sharp Love 200x300Sharp Love (Gambling on Love #2)Available TODAY from Carina Press

William Drake has lived among thieves, bastards and beggars all his life, doing what’s necessary to survive. As a young orphan, that included looking after his best friend, Jack Morgan. But as they grew older, Jack took the honest path, leaving Will behind to fend for himself the only ways he knows how.

When an unsavory errand for his employer brings Jack back to London’s underbelly, he needs Will’s help. It’s there, among the alleys they ran through as children, that the love he’s always felt for Will returns. As their nights together grow hotter, Will discovers something new about his old friend—Jack’s need to serve extends into the bedchamber.

Will has never fully abandoned his dream of escaping London with Jack. But what could the Duke’s driver want with a dishonest cheat like him, beyond a bit of rough sex? It takes the gamble of Will’s life to find out if he can win Jack’s heart…

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About Ava March 

Ava March is an author of sexy, emotionally intense M/M historical erotic romances. She loves writing in the Regency time period, where proper decorum is of the utmost importance, but where anything can happen behind closed doors. With over fifteen works to her credit, her books have been finalists in the Rainbow Awards and More Than Magic contest, and deemed ‘must-haves’ for Historical M/M romance by RT Book Reviews readers. Visit her website at www.AvaMarch.com to find out more about her books or to sign-up for her newsletter.

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