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Not the Duke You Marry

Not the Duke You Marry

Not the Duke You MarryBook 3 of The Kent’s Row Duchesses

Theo, Duke of Lightmorrow and Bernadette, Dowager Duchess of Tunbridge, grew up together and both experienced the pain of families who didn’t appreciate them. Now that their mutual friends are married, they’ve rekindled a friendship that is also highly flirtatious. When one tipsy night Bernadette admits she wishes she could take a lover, Theo is shocked. At first he tries to put Etta off the idea, but he soon realizes she’s too tenacious and decides there’s only one way to keep her safe: volunteer as the man in her bed.… [Read more...]

Not Another Duke

Not Another Duke

Not Another DukeBook 2 of the Kent’s Row Duchesses

After losing everything in a series of bad decisions, Roarke Desmond is dependent on his horrible cousins for an allowance. When they ask him to do something horrible: spy on their stepmother, the Duchess of Sidmouth, he doesn’t want to. But what he could provide to his terribly ill mother with what they’ll pay him is hard to avoid. So he agrees, hating himself all the way. But when he sees the duchess, the beautiful Flora, everything is turned upside down.… [Read more...]

No Dukes Allowed by Jess Michaels

No Dukes Allowed

No Dukes Allowed by Jess MichaelsBook 1 of The Kent’s Row Duchesses

After her abusive husband’s death, the Duchess of Gooding has been relegated to Kent’s Row, a place where widows are put out to pasture. Valaria isn’t upset by this. She’s running from her past and happy to be independent and away from prying eyes. And she knows she won’t be lonely after she meets and befriends two other young dowager duchesses who are also residing in the Row.… [Read more...]

Their Marchioness by Jess Michaels

Their Marchioness

Their Marchioness by Jess Michaels

Book 1 of Theirs
After nearly a decade of marriage, the Marquess and Marchioness of Egerton are going strong. A power couple with an intense physical connection. Only Elliot knows a secret about his wife. He knows that Merritt was torn away from her first love, Peter Reid when they were very young, hurtling her into their arranged marriage instead. So as her birthday approaches and they head to a secluded retreat for a week of pleasure, he has a very special gift in mind.… [Read more...]

Their Countess by Jess Michaels

Their Countess

Their Countess by Jess Michaels

Book 3 of Theirs 
Once a courtesan known as The Countess, now Zara Cooper is a thief, alongside her partner and lover, Peregrine “Hux” Huxley. But when they’re caught at their games by handsome and mysterious Richard Fitzroy, a little bit of blackmail quickly turns to enormous pleasure.

After watching Hux and Zara together, Richard is drawn to them in a way he’s not felt for a long time. When he offers an indecent proposal for pleasure with them both, in exchange for his silence on their crimes, they fall into a passion so powerful it overtakes them all.… [Read more...]

Their Duchess by Jess Michaels

Their Duchess

Their Duchess by Jess Michaels

Book 2 of Theirs
After her loveless marriage comes to an end with the death of her husband, the Duchess of Sedgewick is now heading on a desperate journey to beg the new duke for financial assistance. But when a storm strands Anna with her loyal driver, Oliver and a reclusive painter, Ezra, passions that have long been repressed will come to the surface.

Oliver has been in love with Anna for years, but aside from one anonymous encounter in the darkened hallway of a hell, he’s not been able to be close to her.… [Read more...]

100 Nights with the Duke by Jess Michaels

100 Nights with the Duke

100 Nights with the Duke by Jess MichaelsThe 100th Book from Jess Michaels!

Once upon a time, a handsome duke was madly in love with a beautiful courtesan. But when his grandmother manipulated him into marrying for position, rather than love, they were torn apart. Now Edward, the Duke of Lockhart, is widowed, out of mourning and ready to pursue the love of his life again.

But Sophia Russell was brokenhearted when she lost him before and she sees no way that it can work out this time any more than it did before.… [Read more...]

The Full 100 Book List!

Now that we’ve started the countdown to my 100th book on May 10, 2022, a few people have said…but how? What are all the books? Do I have all the books? Well today I’m going to hook you up with the full list of books under all four of my pen names that make up the 100 books! Be aware, some are not available anymore, I will indicate where that is true. You can also see the same list that starts with my pinned Tweet on Twitter!… [Read more...]

The Queen's Man by Jess Michaels

The Queen’s Man

The Queen’s Man
Book 5 in Regency Royals

Queen Giabella of Athawick should be happy. Her children are all married and in love, her land is at last at peace and she’s about to have more freedom than she’s experienced in her whole life. And yet she’s…restless. Only one man has been able to settle her during times of trouble: her longtime personal secretary, Dashiell Talbot. So when they’re asked to do a tour of Athawick to celebrate their upcoming democratic elections, she knows she’ll be well taken care of.… [Read more...]

To Kiss a King by Jess Michaels

To Kiss a King

To Kiss a King by Jess MichaelsTo Kiss a King
Book 4 in Regency Royals

Since being crowned King of Athawick after his father’s death, Grantham has been struggling. His family defies his every order, his kingdom may be on the verge of an uprising and now his palace has been invaded by a woman. A very frustrating woman who seems hellbent on torturing him with her playful sweetness.

Lady Ophelia may be the special guest of the newest Princess of Athawick, but her attention is all on the king.… [Read more...]

Princes Are Wild by Jess Michaels

Princes Are Wild

Princes Are Wild by Jess MichaelsPrinces Are Wild
Book 3 in Regency Royals

Prince Remington of Athawick has known one thing his entire life: he is just the spare. His reaction has always been to go wild, giving him a reputation as a dissolute rake who is great for a little fun, but not exactly dependable. Only now, as his family is changing, his role is beginning to grate and he isn’t sure what to do next.

Lady Priscilla is in Athawick for a royal wedding, but what she really wants is to save herself from a looming future she cannot control.… [Read more...]

Earl's Choice by Jess Michaels

Earl’s Choice

Earl's Choice by Jess MichaelsEarl’s Choice
Book 2 in Regency Royals

Thomas, the Earl of Bramwell, has one duty: to repair his family’s fallen fortunes by marrying Princess Ilaria of Athawick. It’s not something he looks forward to, but he is resigned to it and it seems the princess is equally unenthusiastic. Everything changes when he meets her body double, Sasha Killick. His life is immediately turned upside down by the beautiful woman who catches his attention far more than any princess.… [Read more...]

To Protect a Princess by Jess Michaels

To Protect a Princess

To Protect a Princess by Jess MichaelsTo Protect a Princess
Book 1 in Regency Royals

All of Society is atwitter about the arrival of the Royal Family of Athawick, a small island country with important ties on a tour to celebrate the coronation of a new king. Or at least…that is the reason on the surface for their Season in London. Princess Ilaria knows the real truth: her family wishes to marry her off to a man of title and influence, in order to strengthen their own “special relationship” with the British Empire.… [Read more...]

The Unexpected Wife by Jess Michaels

The Unexpected Wife

The Unexpected Wife by Jess MichaelsThe Unexpected Wife
Book 1 of The Three Mrs Series

Although Celeste Montgomery was forced into a marriage a year ago, her husband is more often gone than home and she is living a quiet life. Until investigator Owen Gregory shows up at her home to tell her some outrageous news: Her husband has been murdered…and he was also a bigamist, making her the third of three wives.

Owen Gregory was hired to investigate Celeste’s husband, but he never thought it would lead him here, to this beautiful woman whose life he just shattered.… [Read more...]

The Duke's Wife by Jess Michaels

The Duke’s Wife

The Duke's Wife by Jess MichaelsThe Duke’s Wife
Book 3 of The Three Mrs Series

After she found out her husband was a bigamist with three wives, Abigail Montgomery’s world fell apart. She was still reeling when she found out he was courting yet another woman, the sister of the Duke of Gilmore. She intervened anonymously and Gilmore’s reaction brought her world down around her. She has seen him as an enemy ever since. An arrogant, interesting, very handsome enemy.… [Read more...]