Audio Madness!

One of the coolest things about being an independent author is that we (my husband/assistant and I) get to progress my career however I want. The hard thing is, we do all the stuff to progress my career however we want. 🙂 This means making decisions and following through on all the steps.

One of the steps in 2015 was starting to produce audio books. I know a lot of you are voracious listeners as well as readers and I love being able to provide that mode of delivery.

We decided to start doing audio with the Notorious Flynns series and I’m so excited to share that the entire series is now out in audio, including the double audio of No Gentleman for Georgina and A Marquis for Mary. You can get them via Amazon, Audible, Apple, really anywhere you get your audio fix! I’d love your feedback too!

Here are the covers for The Notorious Flynns:



All the books are narrated by the wonderfully talented Danielle O’Farrell! And she TOTALLY looks like a romance heroine herself!!


We hope you love the audio versions and YES, we are working on getting The Wicked Woodleys in audio too! They should be starting on those in the studio soon!

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