It’s My Anniversary!

Normally today would be an erotic historical romance feature and we’ll pick that up again next week, but today is a very exciting one and I want to share it with you. You see, today is the tenth anniversary of the publication of my very first book.

Back in 2003, I was writing historical romance, waiting for my big break to come. Indie publishing was all but non-existent and there weren’t very many choices out there for writers but to wait for a publisher to decide you were the “one” that week. I had just parted ways with my second literary agent and I was frustrated. So I decided to write something completely different, something just for me.

That something became “Ancient Pleasures” a novella set in Victorian times about an Egyptian tomb with a sexual curse. I wrote erotic romance and I did it in record time (I think the whole book took me about a week to write, I was so excited about it). There weren’t many places to submit such a book though in those times so I sent it to a certain publisher who was known for publishing erotic romance novella collections. And they offered a contract for it in 2003.

A year later, on December 1, Secrets, Volume 11 hits stores. My first book was free in the world. It was a thrilling time for me. I had actually just sold in a two-book contract to Avon, as well, with my first book with them coming out the next year. But this was my first published book and the beginning of a wonderful journey over the next ten years until and beyond this very day.

So Happy Anniversary to me! And thank you to all of you who have joined me over the last 46 books, 5 publishers and into my new journey as an indie author. I love every step I’ve taken on my path, even through the pain and the disappointment. Because they’re all what brought me here!

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