A Visit With Evie North: Erotic Historical Romance

Hi everyone! I’m so pleased to launch Erotic Historical Romance Monday with a visit from Evie North. I just read her recent release from our shared publisher, Samhain, One Night of Surrender and I really liked it and highly recommend it to people who like my books. So please welcome Evie and help me support erotic historical romance!

Thank you Jess for asking me to blog on your site! I’m thrilled and honored to be here on erotic historical writer Monday.

I thought I might tell you about myself. I’m a historical writer through and through. I really struggle with the modern world. I mean, Smart phones? Online shopping? The thought of writing about contemporary life makes me shudder. Give me a nice castle and a knight with a sword any day. I love history, particularly the Medieval and Regency periods.

Evie North was born when I wrote a series of short stories, Knights of Passion, set in Medieval England. The five stories are interlinked, telling the stories of five knights who lost everything when they were children. With the help of King Stephen, they are now intent on regaining their lands and titles, and of course finding love and adventure along the way. And happy endings. Happy endings are compulsory for me.

EvieNorth_APerfectKnight200I enjoyed myself so much that I wrote another series of the Knights, also set in Medieval times, but now I added a pinch of magic. The first story in this series is A Perfect Knight. Simon is troubadour to the Lady Yolanda, whose husband has left her to go to fight in the Crusades. Unfortunately he has locked Yolanda up in a chastity belt and it is a magic belt that cannot be unlocked. Simon sets out to free her, and wins her heart in the process, and of course once that belt is off things heat up considerably, although they were already pretty hot.

I self published all of these stories—they’re available as ebooks on Amazon and Smashwords.

OneNightOfSurrender72webThe Brothers Mortmain trilogy began with One Night of Surrender, a Regency e-novella with a dark twist. Samhain published it and now you can buy it everywhere. With this story I wanted something dark and different. I wanted to delve into the emotions and passions of the two characters, Gervais and Katherine. Just so you know, Gervais is in Newgate prison and sentenced to be hanged, and his last wish is to spend the night with Katherine, a woman he’s admired from afar. Katherine, also a prisoner, takes up his offer as a way to escape the notorious prison. But of course they fall in love, and Katherine goes on her way thinking Gervais is dead, while Gervais . . . Ah, but you have to read the novella for that.

I have two more novellas to write for Samhain, and I plan on more of the Knights stories. Thanks again to Jess for asking me here and I wish everyone all the best for the New Year!

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