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This week’s erotic historical romance featured author is Scarlet Scott and she’s talking about dresses, which I’m super stoked about. I hope you’ll also visit her site and make her feel very welcome. So here’s Scarlet!

First of all, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Jess for having me here! I’m honored to drop by her blog today. 

As you may have guessed by my presence, I write erotic historical romance. While I’ve written all kinds of characters and time periods—from 18th century swashbucklers to Regency rakes—many of my books take place in late Victorian England, specifically the 1870s and 1880s. It’s what you might like to call my historical comfort zone. 

With so many devotees of the Regency era—and with good reason, of course—why choose late Victorian? Well, here’s one reason:

31.27a-b_front 0002

The fashion of this time period is absolutely breathtaking. I love the bustles, the trimmings, the exaggerated silhouette. If I could wear a Worth gown every day and get away with it, I would. Alas, I have twin baby girls who preclude me from making such an impractical fashion choice. But anyway, here’s another reason:

dress 2

 And also, this:

dress 3

Okay, you get the point. The impressive fashion aside, it’s a time period that’s as fascinating as it is compelling, not to mention sexy. Late Victorian times were famous—or perhaps infamous—for the English country house party, where there was always an abundance of opportunity for bedchamber romps to unfold. Naturally, some of my characters find themselves in just such a fortuitous circumstance. 

Then, there’s the equally intriguing element of American and English cultures colliding as heiresses invaded the London drawing rooms in search of titles in exchange for their enormous dowries. A noted real-life example of an American marrying into the English aristocracy was Lady Randolph Churchill, mother of Winston Churchill. What’s sexier than a handsome duke being brought to his knees by a feisty American? Personally, I think it’s an irresistible combination. 

The late Victorian period was also a fabulous time for writers and thinkers. It marked the beginning of modernism and sparked a treasure trove of wonderful literature—admittedly of the not-quite-as-sexy variety but great reading nonetheless—from Anthony Trollope to Oscar Wilde. 

My historical comfort zone has all the lords and ladies, all the scandals and secrets, all the sexy earls and scandalous dukes you could ever want. I hope you’ll step into my world sometime and give it a try. Who knows? You might just decide to prop up your feet, reach for a brandy and soda water, get swept off your feet by a wicked lord and stay for a while. 

Author Bio: 

Award-winning author Scarlett Scott writes contemporary and historical romance with heat, heart and happily ever afters. After growing up on romance novels, she now crafts love stories of her own with a good dose of sizzle and an equal amount of humor. She lives in the Pennsylvania countryside with her Canadian husband and is a proud mom to newborn identical twin girls and an adorable but occasionally evil dog with a penchant for eating everything he shouldn’t.

For Scarlett’s latest releases, exclusive excerpts, contests and more, visit her website,

Twitter: @scarscoromance


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