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My guest this week is Samantha Kane, who saved me when another author bowed out of the feature last minute. I’m doubly excited to have her because in November we will be in an anthology together (more to come later) so welcome, Samantha Kane:


Not many people would see this:


…and think of this: samanthakane2

I did.

That is, of course, why I write historical erotic romance, isn’t it?

Last year I decided to write a book about the Crimean War. It’s not a sexy war, but I’ve always been fascinated by it. The Crimean War was fought in 1854-1856 and it often gets overlooked in the discussion because the Civil War, fought just after, is sexy. (Not really. But I’m using the term to mean people romanticize it a lot.)

I decided to write about a Scottish doctor and an English nurse in the Crimea. During the Crimean War female nurses were introduced to the battlefield in official positions thanks to the work of the indomitable Florence Nightingale. First thing on my agenda: research. I know history, style not so much. I needed to find out what men and women would be wearing and what they’d look like in the Crimea. I found early photographs taken by Roger Fenton during the war. This is the inspiration for Dr. Phineas Harper:  samanthakane3Many of the British soldiers in the Crimean War were Scottish. When I saw the first photo a new series was born. I decided to use the 93rd Highlanders as my heroes because they became famous during the war as The Thin Red Line, and because they wore kilts. I’d never written a hero in a kilt. So far, it’s been loads of fun for all involved. 😉

My research led to my new historical erotic romance series The 93rd Highlanders, about four brothers in the 93rd who go to war together. At the Battle of Balaclava, which made the 93rd famous, all of the brothers have epiphanies of a sort, and the four books: HAMISH, CONALL, BRODIE, and DOUGLAS, follow the brothers after the battle as they face their feelings for the men who fight beside them and the courageous and fierce women who have gone to war with them. In the first book Hamish Fletcher, wounded at Balaclava, ends up at the British hospital in Scutari where he finds his old friend and unrequited love, Phineas Harper, treating the wounded. Hamish and Phin’s attraction for one another is reignited, but Phin’s love, nurse Edith Lambeth, comes between them in the most delicious ways.

HAMISH will be released on November 18 as part of WANTON CHRISTMAS WISHES, a multi-author, Christmas-themed anthology that also contains stories from Jess, Kate Pearce, Monica Burns, Madelynne Ellis, and Eliza Lloyd. The second book of The 93rd Highlanders, CONALL, will be available at the same time.

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